How to Write an About Me Page to Inspire Readers

Your ‘About Me’ Page is often the most popular page on your website.
A great About Me Page will benefit both your business and your readers. It builds trust and allows someone to make the decision that they want to improve their relationship with you. So now you want to know how to write an about me page to inspire readers.

A strong About Me template can be compared to a strong copywriting proposal.

Read on to learn how simple it is to create one that is both user-friendly and extremely helpful.

Show what you have

Describe what it will do for your website visitors.
Describe what they can do next to get more from your company.
It’s an opportunity to tell someone why they should choose you over others if they want to know more about you.
Don’t think too much about what you want to write in your About Me page. It’s the same as when you come up with a tagline.
Your text should reflect the unique value that you offer on your website and in the products or service you offer.

6 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Creating Your About Me Page

These errors are simple to correct and can be avoided by your amazing website readers. Check out these 6 common errors to find out if you are making them.

1. Your Name and Credentials Are MissingName, credentials about you. How to Write an About Me Page to Inspire Readers

Let’s suppose I want to tweet about something on your blog or link to you. It will be necessary for me to find out who you are. This means that I need your name.
Moreover, if your name happens to be Dave Smith or Cathy Johnson, you might want to include your middle name. This will make your name more memorable and increase your chances of ranking for that name in search engines.
It worked for Carole Sevilla Brown and David Meerman Scott. Find a family name to go with your middle name if it is not common.

Pen Name?

This does not necessarily have to be your actual name. Some people prefer to keep their distance from readers for security reasons, or simply to maintain a certain level of privacy.
That’s fine. Many people write and work under professional pseudonyms. You can, too. Make sure to list your credentials while you’re there. These are the things that show that you really know your subject.
You can add a link to your nutrition homepage if you are a registered dietician. If you have any awards or certifications, include them to tell your visitors more about you.

2.  Visitors Don’t Know How You Look

This is my optional advice for how to create an About Page. In today’s world, people can get more abused or harassed than others.
However, most of the time people can feel more comfortable hiring you, referring you, recommending you, or passing on some readers if they have some idea of who you are.
Two things are Key to people getting that feeling: Your writing voice, and your photograph.
It is much easier to remember you if you can put a face to your name. This, along with well-written content, helps visitors feel like they know you personally.
If they feel connected to you, they are more likely to help you with your content marketing goals.

3. The Writing is Boring

This one hurts. Many site owners suddenly lose all their initiative about writing interesting content when they sit down to create an About Me Page. Their otherwise great writing style begins to fall apart.
This is how to fix the problem:
Write in your own voice
You must be strict about removing corporate-speak.
If you are able to pull it off, don’t be afraid of being a bit funny.
This is where visitors look to find out more about you and your personality. If I visit your About page and don’t find your photograph, my only recourse is to your writing voice.

4. You Only Used Videoboring writing, video and stories too long

Video is a great tool to build rapport quickly on your About Page… for site visitors who enjoy video. People who visit your site for information or work might not like your voice blasting out of their cubicle speakers.
Many web users love video while many hate it.You should keep the video on your About Page short and interesting. You can also include text for your readers who might prefer to read.

5. You Wrote Long, Boring Stories

People love storytelling. It draws the reader in, engages the reader like no other, and is one of the few techniques that can sometimes change people’s minds. Stories are amazing. But it’s not so amazing to read long, boring stories.
What are your readers most interested in? They themselves, and the things they find interesting! These are two great places to begin brainstorming on how to create an About Me Page.

6. You Think Your About Page is all About You

Most site owners don’t realize that their About Page is about the person who clicked the link to view it. Ask them why they should visit and read your site.
You can expand on the problems that you solve. Please explain how you can help. What do they need? It is important to understand who they admire and what they fear and cherish.

How to Craft a Marketing Story That People Love and Share

Yes, you can talk about yourself here – but only within the context of what you do for your readers.
If self-deprecating behavior is a problem, you can create a blog or social media post to express your feelings and add a link. Your About Page should be about the reader and how you can help them.

A Typical Example of a Winning About Me Page

Let’s now talk about the author of an About Me page that does it right. This About Me page is strong and avoids the usual pitfalls.
Kat Ambrose is featured on the Copyblogger’s website. Her About Me Page combines her qualifications with how she actively assists clients.
After giving an overview at the top of the page, she expands on her history. Kat’s approach is to satisfy both those who seek the most pertinent information and those who need more detail.


While writing your About Me Page, ensure to follow the tips here and Kat’s example, then you will attract many potential visitors to other pages of your site.

Readers like to feel a connection and knowing about you and what drives you helps with that. I like to think that by pointing out my family and thereby my age range it encourages young and older alike to reach for their dreams. To realise that if I can do it, there is no reason why they can’t do the same.

Did this help you, do you know how to write an about me page to inspire readers now?

Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “How to Write an About Me Page to Inspire Readers”

  1. Writing a good, comprehensive but concise “About me” page can be quite a task. It is helpful to reference a guide like this when embarked on that mission. Like you said, a good “about me” should give readers a reason to want to stick around, it should describe the value that one aims to provide. It is important to learn to look at your content from the perspective of a visitor seeing it for the first time!

    • I am delighted that you found it useful. Learning a bit about the person helps to build trust, which is what any site needs to bring people back.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. This article would have definitely helped me when I first started out with my website. You gave details on what to add on your about me page which would have definitely helped me. I will suggest it to people I know who are interested in affiliate marketing. This article will definitely help them stand out. Thank you for this. 

    • Thank you Daniel, glad you like the blog post and feel it could be useful for others.

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. Great tips for how to write an about me page to inspire readers. I honestly skip over that page a lot in my internet browsing since I have come across so many in the past that have been dull or ramble on when I really would just like to know who they are, their credentials for creating the site content, and hook me to read more of their articles. I am glad you have this information out there to help other website creators. 

    • Thank you Daniel, glad you enjoyed the blog post. I think most people do skip over it at first, it is mainly when they return a few times that they want to know more about the person behind the website. 

      Thank you for commenting.


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