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Hello and welcome to my website.  About Me 1

I`m Linda, a business woman/entrepreneur, wife, mother and grandmother.  Welcome. About Me


This post is to tell you a bit about me and how I got to this point in my life, ready to help you follow YOUR dream. 


I am hoping I can help people realise their dream without the lengthy journey of years that it took me.


Working online, having a business from home is a job that can be more easily fitted around other commitments.

I have had an online craft business since 2010.

My story.

3 serious illnesses all at once that lasted for a couple of years or so meant I couldn’t do much. Though it was very efficient to have them all at once rather than one after another.

With eyes affected too I couldn’t even read or watch TV but I loved to crochet,  so unable to sit and do nothing I took it up again.

Ending up with a stack of handmade items I decided, as my health improved, to open a shop on a big site and sell my wares. I naively thought that all I had to do was add the items and they would sell. I was so wrong. I had no idea that I would have so much to learn about writing, photography and promoting my work, without all the designing and making.

hooded scarf
Hooded Scarf

It was very challenging at the start but it got got easier as my knowledge base grew. I learnt about taking good pictures, creating great descriptions and social media. I constantly asked questions online and was lucky enough to have lots of help from those who had gone before.

What started as a hobby became more. The thrill of the first sale was brilliant and that was it, I wanted a business, I wanted to work for myself.

About Me 2

I designed each piece myself, mainly because patterns seemed so complicated. I began to write them down so I could recreate them which eventually led to selling the patterns too.

I loved creating new designs. I would see various things in shop windows and think ‘that’s nice, but I could change this and that to a different shape etc.’

The pattern on the left, the hooded scarf, was one of the last designs I created. I loved posting them to far flung places and still every sale was as big a thrill as the first one.  Crochet was time consuming though and was unlikely to earn enough to bring in a viable income on its own.

Changing what I created and  branching out was very exciting.  I kept on trying new crafts which was very enjoyable but I wanted to create something that wasn’t readily available, that was different. I came across word art, but it was all very basic at that time. I found it exciting but wanted to create more lifelike pictures than those that were already on sale which were mainly flat shapes. They were nice and different then, I wanted to create some but with more life.

It took me many months to find the right software and then the hard work began. unicorn word art on About me pageCreating pictures that would run through the software and come out the right shape. Then I realised I needed more software for the finishing, cue more months of searching and testing. Finally I had the finished effect I wanted. From there it was a case of creating more shops, writing copy and taking photos for prospective customers. At about the 2 year mark I finally had my new products that I had created alongside my crochet business while also working in the real world. beach hut word artAs the artwork took off, the crocheting took a back seat.About Me 3About Me 4

About Me 5Just as this fledgling business began to grow, I was made redundant from my job. I gave myself 8 months to make it into a business that provided a proper income. I constantly created new bases, learned all I could about growing my social media and worked longer hours than I had ever done. It worked and I never looked back.

The business grew …. but so did my family … namely grandchildren. As more came along I had more commitments. I wanted to help and to nurture the next generation, to help them learn and grow. My business though had to slow down. I loved creating artwork but it was time consuming, nowhere near as much as the crochet per item but still a lot of time as I refused to compromise on the quality.

I needed a new source of income that didn’t take up as much time, so I went looking. I heard about Affiliate marketing, so I began a quest to learn more. I learned there were many people who just wanted your money. I read information and watched endless videos. That turned into a burning desire to find the holy grail of affiliate marketing, a company that didn’t rip you off and genuinely helped you. About Me 6

I didn’t expect it to be free but I wanted value for money. I heard so many heart rending tales of people caught out by scammers. 

One thing I never lost sight of during that time was: ‘If it looks and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is’.

Why I want to help people.

I want to help people reach their goals, to discover what they really want to create as an online business without having to take years to learn as I did at the start.

Time is in short supply as people juggle a full time job with family and try to get an online business up and running. It’s not easy at all.

A helping hand, especially at the beginning can save a lot of wasted effort. About Me 7

You look at options, get taken in a few times and you either give up or become more determined. I want to help those that keep right on trying and hopefully reduce the length of their search. There are a lot of ‘systems’ out there to `help` you.

Outright scams too, that only want to extract your cash while delivering very little. I read blogs and watched endless videos trying to learn what I could. They all promised much but delivered very little.

Then I found my way to Wealthy Affiliate and discovered people who want to help and offered enrolment and  initial training for free. Actually giving you a chance to find out what they were really like BEFORE you shelled out the cold hard cash. I was very wary but did lots of research on the company first before dipping  a toe into the water.

Site Goals.

Having struggled for years to get my original business running well,  working long hours and holding down a job, running a home and taking care of a family at the same time I want to ‘Pay it Forward’ as they say and help others so they don’t have to go through it.

My goal is to aid those who are new to affiliate marketing as well as those affiliate marketers who wish to be more successful. Both can benefit from the extensive training offered by Wealthy Affiliates.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out if I can.

All the best,


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