Free starter membership with bonuses

I am not only a member of Wealthy Affiliate but I am also an affiliate for the company too.

Many affiliates offer bonuses to those using their links and having done some research decided it is a good idea. So you too will get Free starter membership with bonuses but they will be tailored to your needs, rather than a general bonus that seems good but you probably won’t use.

First read on.

What does that mean?

Quite simply it means that I love the place so much I want others to have the same opportunity that I did and still do.

If the world situation has you wishing and wanting to start your own business, preferably from home and online, you are not alone.

There are many things you can do if you want to work for others of course but Wealthy Affiliate is geared more towards those that want their own business. Those who prefer to work for themselves rather than be at the beck and call of a boss.

Are you stuck at J.O.B?

Just Over Broke! That place where the vast majority reside. Where despite your best efforts you never quite get to the amazing future you dream of.

Where you are increasing a company’s profits and not seeing anything extra for your efforts. Where you are tied to certain hours and having to  justify time off that is needed.

Does it sound familiar?

Yep, I’ve been there and done that too. It’s what led me to start a business online 10 years ago.  I built it up alongside my job and redundancy gave me the push to put in the all out effort to make it pay a proper wage.

Never looked back. I wished I had done it years ago.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and I was wanting and needing to diversify. Affiliate marketing and influencing seemed the right way to go. You can read my first ever post about that HERE!

You Are HERE!

Yes I noticed. So I am thinking that you are searching as I was. Am I right?

Is your search over?

I am your first port of call? Then I advise you to research more. Never settle on the first one you come across.

If not and you have been searching for a few months or more, I am very glad you came here. I am highly delighted to introduce you to a place I am passionate about, Wealthy Affiliate. You can read other posts of mine about it. Review posts from early on, HERE and HERE!

A recent blog post about changes at Wealthy Affiliate is HERE!

The pricing has changed for the first time in a  long time. A lot of training will be updated very soon. The platform is constantly being improved all the time but there are big changes occurring this year and next, it’s all very exciting.

With a huge amount of people working online now, it is an excellent time to be a part of a growing number of entrepreneurs building their online businesses.

FREE Membership

I advise you to join via the free membership.

You will get Free starter membership with bonuses tailored to your needs, rather than a general bonus that you won’t use. An ebook when you join and more specific bonuses should you decide to upgrade to Premium.

wealthy affiliate Free starter membership. Free starter membership with bonuses
Check everything out and see what you think. Yes you will get  a Half price month if you sign up to Premium membership within 7 days but its more important that you take the time to see if it is what you really want.

To ensure you will have the time to do the work needed, that building a business is what you really want. Some begin, stay a few months and then give up. It always seems such a shame that all they have done has been wasted, time, effort and money that was invested in their future. 

Much better to be really sure first.

My Help!

So you have read several of my articles, probably read blog posts by others from Wealthy Affiliate too. But you now want to know what is on offer.

Well for starters, my support, of course.

Let’s make it clear though, right from the start, I Won’t do the work for you. It is a learning curve you need to undergo to build a successful business.

I am more than happy to share such things like the plug ins I use and find excellent after many months of trial and error. Also to advise on and share my knowledge of social media. That is time saving!

I will willingly answer questions and help you in any way if you get stuck.

I could have done with someone to help, to answers questions and give advice but I did not hear from my referee apart from the encouragement to join and a course on SEO that was way over my head. With a bit of guidance I could have progressed much faster than I did.

Some of the bonuses you see may look amazing but consider first, how much it will actually help you.


I will also offer ebooks and a course or two for FREE to help you widen your knowledge faster. I am not going to state what those will be as it willFree starter membership with bonuses 1 depend upon the knowledge you havFree starter membership with bonuses 2e already.

It will also depend on what is the latest and newest ones I have.

Below are a small sample of ebooks you could choose from.  Or I have some video courses if you would prefer one of those.

It’s all about what will help you the most rather than just giving a freebie that won’t be used.

Let me know when you join up what you would like as a free ebook to start with. 

Free starter membership with bonuses 3

Free starter membership with bonuses 4





work from home









If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate and want to ask questions of the community, you should.

It is a community of like minded souls who love to help each other and really want all of us to succeed. The internet and world population are both vast there is plenty of room for all.



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