How to Make Money Blogging from Home

Back in the day, blogging was simply another hobby that people pursued alongside their full-time jobs. Although blogging is still a hobby, a lot has changed. This mega guide on how to make money blogging from home will teach you all you need to know.
Before we get into the many ways that blogging can make you money, let’s look at the potential.

How Much Can You Make from Blogging?

There are many levels to blogging, and they can make anywhere from $1000-$2,000,000 a year. You can only make as much as you want if you consider the following factors:
What niche are you blogging about?
How much time and energy are you dedicating to writing?
How much traffic you drive for your blog
Which digital marketing techniques do you employ?
You can also make a difference by your network, your personal motivation, and goals. Your digital marketing skills and niche can make you a great blogger.
This guide will focus solely on making money through a blog. It will also answer many of your frequently asked questions regarding blogging.
What are the different income streams that bloggers can make money?
There are many ways to monetize a blog. The method you choose will determine the flow level of your blog revenue. To find out the answers to important questions that bloggers have asked, please read down the page.

There are many ways to make money with your blog

Major Advertising Networks like Google AdSense and
Affiliate marketing
Sell Digital products (eBooks and Blueprints)
Native Advertising
Create an Online Course
Direct Advertisements
Paid reviews/Sponsored articlesmake money. How to Make Money Blogging from Home
Run campaigns for brands
Services that are based on your talents
Other than traditional advertising methods, there are other ways to monetize your ads. Instead of just adding ads to your advertising campaign, you should be adding value to it.
It’s better if you have 1 high-paying ad rather than 4 low-paying ads.

1. Ad Networks: (Beginners).

The simplest and most widely used method to monetize a blog is through ad networks. Two of the most recognized Advertising sites are:
Google AdSense
These ad networks require that you have a blog in order to be approved. They will show ads based on your article’s context and user interest.
Many blogs use this method of monetization as it provides recurring income. They don’t alter the user experience because the ads displayed are of high quality.
If you have fewer than 300 page views per day, there are other advertising networks that you can try. But, you should aim to get AdSense or approval quickly.
You can move to direct advertising or affiliate ads if contextual advertisements aren’t working for you.

2. Affiliate Marketing: (Most profitable method)

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make a lot of money. One sale will earn you more than a lot of clicks on an ad.
It is something that most bloggers use these days, and it’s one of the most lucrative avenues to make money through a blog.
Here are some top Affiliate marketing platforms that you can join:
Amazon Affiliate Program
Commission Junction
Another advantage to Affiliate marketing is that you can use it on any blogging platform, such as Squarespace, LinkedIn, or Medium.
Simply share your unique affiliate link to the product and earn a huge commission on any sale. Affiliate marketing is how bloggers make millions from their blog.

3. Sell eBooks directly to an Intermediary.

As you can see, top bloggers have a business model that involves selling their own products like an eBook.
Simply choose a topic to write an eBook and then put it on your blog or Amazon. You can easily sell eBooks online and make a decent living once you get used to the process.
A product that you own is the best way to generate passive income.
Your articles can be compiled into a book, and you can sell it on your blog or other platforms like for a profit. This will give you credibility as an author.
A freelancing site like Fiverr can help you find someone to design a book’s cover. WooCommerce is also an option that you can use to sell digital products directly from your blog.advertising, online courses, ebooks

4. Native Advertising

Native advertising has been a key component of successful blogging. It is a great way to make money from blogs that feature news or jobs.
A few native advertising solutions are worth your time and effort.
Outbrain (High-quality Native Ads)
AdSense (AdSense also provides native ads)

5. Create an Online Course

Can you convert your book into a video format? Add the printable templates and checklist to your list.
Do you have the ability to make a video course last for just 1-2 hours?
If you answered yes to these questions, this is the right method for you. It’s easy to start an online course. And if you offer a unique course, your chances are high of making $1 million yearly.
To sell your courses online, you can also explore platforms such as:
LearnDash (WordPress)
Kajabi Update

6. Direct Advertisements (Intermediate).

AdSense is undoubtedly the best money-making program for bloggers. But, it has its limitations. The main limitation is how much you get paid per click. You can grab direct ads if you’re able to.
It is best to start with direct advertisements by trying out different networks. To find new deals, add a page on your blog called “Mediakit” or “Advertise with us”. You can use a plugin like WPAdvancedAds to manage the ads.
You can create a professional email account like through Google apps.

7. Sponsored Reviews (All levels)

Paid reviews are a great option to increase your monthly income. From a single review, you can easily make at least $10. You need to be careful when reviewing paid ads.
Are you deciding whether to pay for a review or do a free review? Here are some websites where you can find paid reviews/sponsored content:
Famebit (For YouTube channels only)
Izea pay per post

8. Run a Campaign for Brands

This one works well for any blog that has a loyal audience. This campaign could be run by you to help brands reach their target audience. It will involve brand collaborations, such as running webinars or creating videos.
It will become more common for blogs to do it with different brands. This is a popular way to monetise blogs.

9. Services

You can offer many services depending on what your skills are. Based on what you are skilled at, you may offer content writing, logo design, SEO, and many other services.
You can offer hosting, SEO, and WordPress-related services. Such services not only make you money, but they also give you more opportunities to improve your skills.
Launching your own service is easy. You can easily set up a page on your blog where you can list the services you offer. To maximize visibility on your blog, you should place the link to that page in your sidebar or in a prominent area.
Facilitate the process for your customers to reach out to you and request more information about your services. Once you’ve dealt with your first couple of clients, you’ll have plenty of ideas for improving the sales process. Automating some tasks like follow-up and payment is possible.
Are you able to blog about your personal life and make money by blogging?blogger, vlogger, services
This is another form of blogging, where people share their everyday lives and create a community. You might have seen many of them on YouTube as Video bloggers. Now you can do it on your blog, or on YouTube.

One of the most popular topics for this type of blogging is:


The key is to be entertaining, add value, create a community and keep your brand relevant. This strategy can make you a lot depending on how consistent and creative your style is.
Many newbies also wonder if they should focus on blogging or vlogging.
A mix of both is a good idea. Producing video content (Recording, editing and publishing) can be costly. However, creating text content requires less time. You will be able to develop faster and earn more quickly if you combine both of these techniques.
Blog owners no longer need AdSense to make a living from blogging. There are many more monetisation and ad networks available that can help increase your blog’s income potential.
If you’ve been using these traditional ways to make money from your blog, it’s high time you reviewed your blogging business plan. Change the design of your blog and optimise its marketing.

FAQs about Making Money from Blogging

Are you able to make a living blogging?
My blog is proof that blogging can bring in a good living. How persistent and consistent your work is will determine how much you make. If you blog consistently and persistently for 4 years, working nearly 14 hours a day, you will get to a stage of blogging where you earn more than $40K/month.
There are many opportunities to make money blogging as the internet matures. It is important to keep at it for nearly a full year before you make enough money to quit your job and plan your life around blogging income.

What topic should I write about to make more money blogging?

These are the 4 things you need to think about if you don’t want your blog to be about your personal life.


A passion is something that you have an interest in. This doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you learn at an academy or work, but it can be something that you call your friends, family, or others to discuss.
Examples include Cars, Food, Finance, and Travel. Use a pen and paper to label your “Passion” list. You can now list all topics you are interested in and write a blog about them.

Traffic and trend:

You want to ensure there is sufficient traffic and interest for the topic you have chosen by creating your passion board. Trends will help you determine if the topic is growing or declining. allows you to see the traffic trend for any topic.


This is the third aspect that will help you find a profitable blogging idea. This will help you decide how to monetize your blog. What type of monetization will it be? Ad network, AdSense, or Affiliate marketing?
While you might be passionate about the topic, it can be difficult to monetize. It requires skills to make money, even with high traffic.FAQs


This is not the least important factor. You will struggle to be noticed and outrank the big players if you’re in a competitive niche. While I don’t mean to discourage you, if there are two or more topics available, choose the one that has medium or low competition.
You might need to spend a few months more to succeed in a wider niche like fashion. When looking at the competition, this is something to remember.
Read more online resources in order to gain a better understanding of the process of finding a niche.

How can you get paid for blogging?

It is possible that your advertisers are located in another part of the world. Here are 5 ways you can get payment from anywhere. These are also the most popular ways these companies pay.
Transferwise (now called Wise)
Wire transfer (Your bank)
CoinBase (Crypto Payment)

Once you begin making money, it is a good idea for you to have an account with all of these websites that allow you to receive payments. They’re all free to sign up and simple to use.
These services are also available to help you pay freelancers, virtual assistants, and other tasks in the future.


Although there are many ways to make money blogging, I suggest you don’t overload yourself but instead take your steps one at a time.
All of the ideas above work well, but you need to find what works best in your niche.

Trying to do many things at once can lead to not doing well at anything because you aren’t focused enough.

So try out any ideas 1 at a time. Give it enough time to see if it works for your niche and for you. If not move on. Always keep your mindset on success, it will keep you moving forwards.

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