Can You Make Money with the Canva Affiliate Program

This post will help answer the question of: can you make money with the Canva affiliate program? This review will give you a simple overview of the Canva Referral Program. You can easily promote the Canva Pro subscription and start making money. Canva is an excellent tool for non-designers. 

Have you joined Canva? If not join HERE!

You can join for free and see what you think. I confess that I soon upgraded once I got into it and started using it regularly. At that time there had been a spate of people getting sued for using pictures from other sites that they thought were free. I decided to make all my own graphics from then on.


Canva was founded by Melanie Perkins in 2012 and is a powerful design tool for non-designers. It has enjoyed a vast popularity rise in the design industry since then. It has more than 18 million users around the world with more joiningevery day.

Do you feel confident in promoting Canva? Are you a designer, or do you know someone who is? I will also share innovative ways to promote Canva and make $500 per month. It sounds exciting and promising all at once. Let’s get started right now. 

Canva Affiliate Earnings

Canva’s referral program offers different earning opportunities to its affiliates. Some earn a few dollars, while others make thousands. You can earn up to $36 per signup for Pro subscriptions as an affiliate.

More information about Canva’s affiliate earnings is available here:

  • Affiliate Technology Company: Impact
  • Cookie Duration: 30 Days
  • Affiliate Commission Type: Single-payment (non-recurring)
  • Commission Rate: 15% per month on a Canva Pro subscription and 80% for an annual subscription
  • Withdrawal options: There are many options available, including PayPal and bank transfer

Canva Affiliate ProgramCanva Pro. Can You Make Money with the Canva Affiliate Program

Canva uses Impact technology for its affiliates. You will receive an 80% commission on a Canva Pro monthly subscription and 15% on the annual subscription. That’s quite a great deal. Isn’t it?

Canva offers an affiliate program that can help you achieve this goal. Make an impression as an online marketer and get your slice of cake.

If you’re a blogger, an email marketer, or a social media influencer, you can make your affiliate program huge. There are so many ways to promote Canva; you will eventually make money from it.

The Benefits of Canva’s Affiliate Program

Canva’s affiliate program can make you around $500 or more in a single month. You can, of course, increase it by using paid advertising.

Canva’s affiliate program allows marketers to make money by promoting Canva Pro. This program provides all the tools and information you need to be a successful affiliate. It includes information about cookie duration, commission rates, and email addresses.

The Canva affiliate commission rate is fantastic. It also offers deep linking, banner advertising, and other promotional content.

The Negatives of Canva’s Affiliate Program

The 30-day cookie period of the program is much shorter than other programs on the market. Canva has a strict acceptance policy for affiliates, with a mere 43% acceptance rate.

Overall, Canva’s affiliate program is an excellent deal for digital markers, particularly the design industry.

7 Ways to Promote Canva and Make $500+ per Month

You can plan to run ads to promote Canva. This will allow you to make at least $500 per month. There are many ways to promote Canva Pro. Let’s look at them right now.

  • Send emails to people who are of value to you
  • Include promotional links in blog posts to make designers and non-designers buy through you.
  • Make Canva tutorials and share your affiliate link on social media (including YouTube).
  • Insta Reels and Facebook groups are a great place to share your tips and tricks on using Canva effectively.
  • Insert a banner into your sidebar or header.
  • Link Canva-promoting blog posts to Pinterest.
  • TikTok allows you to create bite-sized videos and share your Canva referral code

This guide will help you get traffic quickly. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Canva affiliate program.

How to Get Started with the Canva Affiliate Program

You must apply on Impact to get started with the Canva Referral Program. After the Canva team approves your application, you will start earning money.

A large audience is available at your disposal on social media or any other digital marketing platform.FAQs, get started, affiliate program You’re also allowed to promote Canva through your marketing channels

Join the impact affiliate program.

The program’s criteria are simple:

  1. Click on “Join Now” to go to the Canva affiliate website. The Impact page will take you to the program. If you already have an Impact account, you can choose Canva from the available brands.
  2. Provide all information you have about yourself and your audience. Leave as much information as possible and be honest.
  3. Wait for approval. To increase your chances of getting approved, let Canva know how you want to promote the Pro subscription.
  4. To confirm whether you are an approved affiliate for Canva Pro, send the email within 48-72hrs. You can attribute failures to factors such as ‘your platform’ being too small or too new.
  5. If you have got approved, you can start promoting your Canva affiliate links. Go to “My brands” and choose Canva. You can choose from an HTML code or a tracking URL. The HTML code is for Canva’s ‘Ads/Banners. Copy and paste the tracking link from your banner into the appropriate content.

To make better affiliate commissions, I recommend that you first study the Pro features. It would be an excellent idea also to use the Pro version. In addition, I will show you seven great ways to promote your Canva Pro subscription.

Let me first tell you how you can make money using the Canva referral program.

You may think $500 is too little. You may be right. It is possible to reach $500 or more once you have your $100.

FAQs about the Affiliate Program

How do you choose the right partner type for Canva?

Canva wants you to be able to share your talents. Canva asks you to choose the type of partner. If you are a blogger, select ‘Content’ to indicate that you are a writer, ‘Social Media/Influencer if your social following is significant, and ‘Email if your email list is extensive. 

How do I get a Canva affiliate link?

Once you have created an Impact account and signed up for the Canva Pro referral program, you can generate an affiliate link. To find an affiliate link, navigate to “my brands” in your Impact account. Select ‘Canva,’ then choose a tracking URL. You can find the Canva referral link on the right-hand side of your Canva dashboard.

How do you become a Canva Affiliate?

Click on “Join Now” at The Impact network’s Canva Pro program will redirect you to Canva Pro. Start making money with your trackable link by creating an Impact account and entering your information.

Can I make money with Canva?

Canva offers many ways to make money, including affiliate programs and designing graphics for clients. You can earn up to $36 per Pro signup through its affiliate program. You also get a one-time commission on a Pro subscription.

Does Canva have an affiliate program?

Canva offers an affiliate program for the Pro version. The program is easy to use, and you can make a lot of money. Everyone needs visual content these days. If you’re a blogger, designer, or someone with a large following, get started with Canva’s referral program.


Canva Affiliate Program has everything you need for promoting its Pro subscription. Referring your audience to a landing page will convert them into Pro subscribers. This is how you make money. 

It’s that simple. Canva only accepts 43% of those who apply. It is why I recommend that you start building your audience. This will be more effective if your audience is design-specific.

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