How to Get Traffic from Pinterest

Do you struggle to create Pinterest pins that go viral instantly? This post will show you how to make viral Pinterest pins in no time.
Pinterest’s algorithms are constantly changing and they are trying to keep their users happy.
It is another social media platform that has high engagement. Pinterest has made it easy for bloggers to obtain referral traffic.
You can make viral pins to increase your chances of success.
Here are some tips on how to get traffic from Pinterest that will make your pin stand out.

Let’s get started…

How Beautiful Pins are Important for Pinterest Success

You are mistaken if you think Pinterest can’t see your image. Pinterest uses smart artificial intelligence technology called Pinterest Lens.
This AI can determine the alignment between pixels and colors, allowing it to suggest similar-looking photos.

Why is this Important?

The quality of your pin is important. To create a popular pin on Pinterest, you need to have a great-looking one. You can make use of the right pins to get a lot of traffic to your blog via Pinterest.
This is why I tell you to create beautiful pins, not slash images with random text. These are the reasons.

1. High Blog Traffic

You can expect an increase in blog traffic if you create attractive pins for your Pinterest account. It is not magic!Women use Pinterest most. How to Get Traffic from Pinterest
The Internet is overflowing with content creators, and every second brings new information to the masses. Random pins are becoming more popular on Pinterest every day.
This allows you to create high-quality pins, and drive traffic to your blog. It’s simple and you can view the results in Google Analytics.

2. Women Dominating the Platform

Over 70% of Pinterest users are women. These active users are on Pinterest and are responsible for creating, re-pinning, clicking and sharing your pins.
You need to create beautiful pins to impress women. This is the secret to high pin savings.
Research also revealed that Pinterest favors pins with bright and white colors. Pinterest shares more pins that are more elegant than others.

Don’t believe me?

Browse any topic on Pinterest to find cute pins. I mentioned the Pinterest lens, remember?
This technology is powerful if you copy the pins of other Pinterest Marketers. It is designed to offer similar content to users. It is difficult for your pin to rank higher in search results if you copy a template pin.
The only way to achieve massive Pinterest success is to create viral pins using an image editor tool.
A positive side to creating great pins is the fact that you can get organic traffic via Google. Pinterest is a great tool to improve your SEO. It sends high traffic to your blog posts to help you appear professional in front of Google.
People can also find your site via the Google Image pins. You will receive traffic from both Google and Pinterest. It is up to you to decide if the techniques are worth your time.

How to Make Beautiful Pins for Free

It doesn’t cost anything to create beautiful pins for Pinterest users. While you can get help from bloggers selling pin templates, it can be difficult to establish your authenticity in the initial stages.
You cannot, however, rely on these pin templates for your entire life. So, learn how to create viral pins on Pinterest. Let’s check it out…

Pinterest’s Best Pin Maker

Bloggers are arguing about which Pinterest pin-making tool is the best.
You need the best tools to create content that is relevant to your audience if you want to make the best content.

The First Pin Maker is Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for graphic designers who have some knowledge. It is the king of graphic design.
Photoshop offers unlimited possibilities, unlike other pin-making tools. Your imagination is the limit.Photoshop, Canva & Snappa
YouTube shows you how to make a Pinterest pin in Photoshop. You will also find tons of online resources to help you create your pins.
If you’re a blogger, it is a good idea to prioritize your time learning Photoshop. Ah! Yes, I know you’re not interested in Photoshop. No worries!
There are two choices. You can see their unique features below.

Snappa (Freemium)

It’s a good design tool with unique templates to make your Pinterest pins stand out. Snappa is the number one choice for professional bloggers, apparently. The best plan for a blog is the pro plan, which starts at $15 per month which in UK money is £11.16.

I haven’t used Snappa so cannot say how good it is or whether it is the best for anything.

Canva (Freemium)

Everyone uses Canva. However, you can make unique designs using your imagination. Snappa does not


offer as many features.

For Canva, premium subscriptions start at £10.99 per month or £99.99 per year.

I used the free version at first while I was learning, then soon realised there was much more available on the Pro account. I then went to the yearly subscription as it saved alot.
But until you are able to express your creativity more, a tool isn’t much good. Play around with it, try out different aspects and ways of doing things, then analyse your competition’s quality and set goals.

Perfect Pin Size

Pins are everywhere on Pinterest, and no one can remember the exact size of any pin. It’s funny, isn’t it?
Pinterest claims that the minimum ratio for a pin is 2:1 (width: height), in portrait mode. This means Pinterest has a Standard Pin Size of 600x900px for Content Creators.
The story does not end there. A Pinterest marketer has discovered that longer pins can be a great source of blog traffic.
Pins with a ratio of 1:1 (600px x 1200px), are great for getting clicks. The reason is Pinterest’s Desktop usage.
Longer pins can be easily seen on the large screen and are easily visible even in the dense search results.
Your creativity is limitless, but there’s a Pinterest standard pin format you can use to help you find your ideas.

Let me tell you what it is.

The title area is what makes someone click on your pin. It should cover the top 30% of your pin.

Visual Area

This is where you place an illustration or image to make your pins stand out from the rest. The background image can be arranged or a PNG clipart placed.

Credit area

A credit area is the domain name for your blog. This is where the logo of the blogger can be placed. The reader can find the place where he/she wants to read the post.

How to Choose the Best Stock Photos

You may recall that I told you about Pinterest AI technology which creates images that look similar. That’s great!
You will need to select a suitable stock photo that relates to your topic in order for your pin to appear in the similar pin section.
If you are writing about blogging, for example, pick an image that features a blogger, laptop, logos, or other related stuff.

Where Can I Find the Best Stock Photos for Pinterest Pins?

Many stock photo sites offer free stock photos. Although investing in quality stock photos is always a good idea, it is not essential if you have a limited budget.
These are good sites for free stock photography:

What are Emotional Hammer Pins?

These pins are used to trigger an emotion in your target audience. These emotions could be anger, sadness, fear, joy, or happiness.
How to Make Emotional Hammer Pins

Step 1

Identify your target audience’s problem. Do they want to find solutions? Are they looking for solutions? Or are they simply trying to feel better about themselves?
Let’s say, for example, that your audience is working-class women who want to get fit. Their number one reason they don’t get fit is time.

Step 2

Fears can sometimes be a reaction to your pin by your Target Audience. Give them a warning and help them to understand their fears.
Let’s say you have written a post on maintaining a good credit score. This niche can cause a lot of fear emotions due to debt or barely managing with the income they have.
I hope you get it. Pin your Emotional Hammer Pin on Pinterest to find their Pain Point.

This is a common mistake many female Pinterest bloggers make. Using a cursive font may look stylish but if it can’t be read at first glance then no one is going to stop scrolling, let alone taking the time to repin or click the link.

How to write Pinterest-friendly pin headlines

Step 1

Select an easy-to read font. There are many fonts that look good, but they should only be used to communicate the message.

Step 2

Highlight the main keywords with a bold font style and a clear font.

Step 3

Limit the number of fonts you use. Keep it simple and clear.

Step 4

Decorate your Pin Text using illustrative elements such as:
Background Shapes
Quotation Marks
Add Extra Elements (Optional).
This will vary from one pin to the next. It is possible to add extra elements to your pins by being creative.
Ask yourself one simple question when you make a pin. Will I click this pin if I’m a Pinterest user?
This is how to create a clickable pin within seconds.

There are many elements you can add to your clickable pin:

Video Pins Animated Stickers
Font Variations
Brand logosbest pinterest headlines
Multiple Images
Technically, you must determine if the element is necessary to make your pins great for users. Don’t overpopulate your pins with unnecessary elements.
Your Pinterest pins should be clean and beautiful. Promoting your brand through pins is one of the easiest ways to increase your Pinterest reader-base.
This is how people will learn about you. Your content is visible to them and they click it immediately.
There are 2 ways to create branding on Pinterest, without having to be a designer:

Color Scheme

This is an easy way to choose a specific color for your pins. This is a common technique that many bloggers use to build their personal brand on Pinterest.
It is possible to use a variety of colors, fonts and elements.

Blog logo

This is for people who don’t want to appear monotonous on Pinterest. You may prefer unique pins. If you’re one of these people, you can place your logo instead of writing your URL at the bottom.
A good pin takes 50% of your effort. The rest is how to publish it and promote it. Your pin has been attractive enough to attract the attention of your target audience.
Now it is time to publish it correctly so Pinterest’s algorithm can help to maximize your chances of getting shares.
Let’s move on to the practical side of Pinterest for blogging.

Keyword-Focused Image Name

Any image editor will automatically give your image a random name when you export it. That is so unprofessional to upload “img-43894638_ghd4637.jpg” on your blog or Pinterest.
It is important to know that SEO can help increase your image’s visibility by naming it with keywords.
It also aids in getting high Pinterest traffic because the algorithm of Pinterest can identify where your pins should be displayed.

Action Step

Rename your image name to “Your-keyword-goes-here.jpg” before publishing. Use the free Keyword Research Tools to insert Long Tail Keywords into your blog.

Pin Description HTML Code

This is the most important mistake you can make when uploading Pinterest Pins to your blog posts.
You can insert your pin easily in your blog content by using the image block editor when you are drafting your blog.
This is not the “Pinterest Friendly” way to upload pins. It is not your fault. This secret isn’t popular, and Pinterest Marketers won’t share it with you.
The description of your pin is not uploaded if someone saves it from your blog post. This decreases your chances to be found in Pinterest search results.

How do I Add Pinterest Pin Description Automatically?

Step 1

Place the Classic Editor block where you want to place the pin in your blog post. Select your pin by clicking on the “Add Media” button. This is the standard way to upload and place the image.

Step 2

To expand the settings of your block, click on the “Menu Dots” button and then select ‘Edit as HTML”. This will display the HTML version. Don’t panic!

Step 3

Now, add the code below. You must change the description of your pin as necessary. It should be added after the “alt” section.

Step 4

Click on “Edit Visually” from the same Menu Options as Blog. The image will be restored. Remember to insert the code above whenever you upload the pin to your blog post.
Let’s take a look at the steps to publishing Pins on Pinterest.

Long Tail Keyword Title Pin Title

Pinterest is filled with professional bloggers. This simply means that it can be difficult for new blogs to rank on the same topics.
Your chances of ranking for “how to set up a blog” are lower than those for “how to set up a WordPress blog”.
You need to search for long-tail keywords that will be used in your Pin Titles. It’s simple and enjoyable.

Ways You Can Use to Find Long-tail Keywords in Pinterest

Pinterest’s Autocomplete FeatureThe best keywords and SEO

Simply type the broad term, and Pinterest will suggest phrases that are getting high search volumes. It’s as easy as Google autocomplete.
Word Filter Suggestions
When you search for a term on Pinterest, it displays a suggestion panel that suggests words above the search results. This is your key to high Pinterest traffic.
It is important to rank high in Pinterest Search Results. This is how pins can send steady traffic over time.

Description of a Pin that is SEO Friendly

As I mentioned, Pinterest is an image-based search engine. People visit Pinterest to search for solutions and ideas. To get motivated, they search for certain phrases.
This simply means that Pinterest SEO for blogging must be taken seriously.

SEO-friendly Pin Descriptions

It is easy to make a description more SEO-friendly to help it rank higher in the Pinterest search engine index. It is similar to writing meta-descriptions in your favorite SEO tool.

How to Write a SEO-friendly Pin Description?

Step 1

Identify the pain points of your target audience. What are their main challenges? What are their biggest challenges?

Step 2

Create an Excerpt. Keep it short and sweet. Share what they find inside.

Step 3

Repeat the targeted keyword twice in your description. This will allow the algorithm to rank the page for the correct search term.

Step 4

Pinterest works with #Hashtags. Although you can add up to 20 Hashtags, this will make your account spammy. You can only add 4 Hashtags to each description.

Step 5

Include the name of your blog in a hashtag. Your pins will rank higher in searches for your name.
To get them to click and start reading your posts, you need to create suspense.
You won’t have many followers if you start as a Pinterest newbie.
A high number of followers on Pinterest is a positive sign for the Pinterest algorithm. You should focus on building your followership.


Pinterest is a picture based search engine with a lot of traffic. If you are looking for huge traffic for your site, then Pinterest is one of the means you can use.
In this post, I have shared with you what you need to drive traffic to your site from Pinterest by creating Pins that go viral. It can take time to get used to creating pins and getting them how you want them but it is worth it in terms of the traffic it can bring.

Resources that might help:

How to Start Your Pinterest Journey. Click HERE!

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6 thoughts on “How to Get Traffic from Pinterest”

  1. Thank you very much for this comprehensive article. I am just starting my blog and never thought of Pinterest as a platform to drive traffic to my site. I am in the niche where women are my audience and I will definitely try to implement everything you stated on this blog. Many thanks!

    • Many people don’t realise that Pinterest is a search engine rather than a social media platform. It is also growing very rapidly. With your audience being women and those being the biggest user of Pinterest, it is an ideal place to have an account.

      Thank you for your comments, happy that you found the post helpful. 

  2. I have definitely found it challenging to figure out what the secret is to success with pinterest. I surely appreciate getting some tips to help boost results! Like you, I have also found canva to be a helpful tool, so I’ll lean into that resource a bit more to help create good content and pins. 

    This is a lot to keep track of and get right, so it’s no wonder that newbies get frustrated with the platform. Thanks for the helpful guide!

    • Traffic can be very challenging to build. 

      Social media can really help with this while you wait for trust to build with Google. 

      Although Pinterest is a search engine I think most people think of it as a social media platform. The amount of followers on there isn’t important as it is for other places. 

      I use Canva for all my graphics on my blogs now. It means they are unique and no one can sue you later as seems to have happened to quite a few people. 

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  3. I didn’t know that most users on Pinterest were woman. I have always liked the platform because it’s inspiring to search and look at all the pictures. I have also been trying to see how I can create some pins for my site. You have given me a great idea of using Canva. And what’s cool is that we can use Canva for free (most of it).

    • It is a good platform Paolo.

      The best bit about Canva is that you can create graphics for all the social media sites. They have them in the correct sizes, so the featured graphic can be changed into the right size for each platform, ready for when you share your blog post to your social media accounts.

      Thank you for commenting, glad the post helped.


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