Wealthy Affiliate and The Black Friday Offer

There have been so many changes in the world in the last 18 months or so due to the Pandemic, that still continues to rule our lives. Jobs have been lost and companies big and small have disappeared from our high streets. BUT! It’s not all bad. Online business is booming. Many of the real world shops have moved online instead, along with more companies and small businesses than ever before. So lets find out how the Wealthy Affiliate and the Black Friday offer can help you.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this is opportunity knoccking on your door.

Think about it for a minute. Over 4 billion users are online each day! Thousands of new companies and businesses are online with new ones appearing all the time. What does this mean for you? Many of those companies want affiliates to help sell their wares for them.

Whatever niche you want to go in to, there are companies that want you as an affiliate.

Or, you can start any other sort of business online. There is training for pretty much anything you want to know about online business.

What is Wealthy Affiliate and The Black Friday Offer all about?

Last Year

At this time last year the platform of Wealthy Affiliate was undergoing massive changes. It was upgrading and improving as well as bringing in an entirely new membership.

Kyle followed up with a blog at that time in 2020, explaining the changes, talking people through it all. The blog post he did is available to read! SEE HERE!

Wealthy Affiliate and The Black Friday Offer!

Black Friday Deals!

Wealthy Affiliate and The Black Friday Offer

It makes complete economic sense to pay yearly as you save a lot and of course you save even more by going for the Black Friday offer.


Quite simply because once you pay that price you are then grandfathered into the price for as long as you remain at Wealthy Affiliate. So every single year, you continue to save. If the price goes up at any point, yours doesn’t.

From the blog of Kyle one of the owners

“Premium Black Friday Offer ($299/year)

  • $289 discount off regular price
  • Bonus Classes: Building a Business in 2022 and Beyond. 2 Experts, With Jay & Kyle
  • Access to EVERYTHING with Premium.
  • Access to ALL Premium Classes in 2022 (over 52+)
  • Access to ALL Wealthy Affiliate Updates in 2022, and we have lots slated.
  • Our “Forever Pricing” Promise.

Premium Plus+ Bonuses ($499/year)

  • $689 discount off regular price
  • Bonus Classes: Building a Business in 2022 and Beyond: 7 Experts with 7 Blueprints in 7 Days
  • Access to a Brand New “Beta” Keyword Research Tool
  • Access to EVERYTHING with Premium Plus+
  • Access to ALL Premium Classes in 2022 (over 200+), and all past Premium Plus+ classes (over 250)
  • Early “Beta” Access to Future WA Platforms
  • Access to ALL Wealthy Affiliate Updates in 2022, and we have lots slated.
  • Our “Forever Pricing” Promise.

We have recently released a coupon platform, which has turned into a significant project for us as it will serve many uses moving forward. We are going to be taking advantage of this new platform with this year’s Black Friday offer.

There will be a $289 off coupon for Premium which is a discount on the monthly pricing. And there will be a $689 off monthly pricing for Premium Plus.”

A Teaser: not everything is listed here because the lists were so long. You can go and see the full clear graphic for yourself if you choose to. CLICK HERE!

There are so many benefits it is amazing and unbelievable.

Why Join?

If you are serious about starting an online business, you should join.

I already had a small craft business and thought I would know quite a bit of it, although I was aware that there are large gaps in my knowledge. To start with, I had never built a WordPress website. Yes, I had admired them from afar but thought they were far too complicated for me to build.

I was wrong! I built one by following the training, while on the free starter membership. I was so impressed with myself and impressed with the training that made it so easy.

How soon will I earn Money?

It will take months at the very least, more likely many months or more than a year. There are some that took 18 months to 2 years.

There is a lot to learn and a great deal of work to do if you want to create a lasting business. Build firm foundations and it will last. Following the training and implementing it step by step, takes time.

It also depends upon how much time you can spare. If you can do this full time from the start then you will start earning sooner than others who will work at it alongside a job or other commitments.

There is also the fact that we all learn at different speeds

I have often noticed that those who put very high earning goals are often those who are prepared to put in the least amount of time.

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme. You will NOT get started and immediately begin earning money.

Avoid Scams

The best way to avoid getting caught by scammers is by joining a reputable company. One that offers you everything you need and more to create a successful business. Scammers and scam products are pretty much all the same in the wording.

Scams say things like:

Simple to set up and start earning in 12/24/48 hours.

3 Clicks to set it up and you can be earning thousands.

So Easy a Newbie can do it.

Everything you need for 1 low price! Then you buy and every new screen is an upsell much more expensive than the last. You read and discover that to make the amazing money you need to buy those products too.

1st class support. Hmmm…. funny that one. Because you can’t usually get hold of them for days or weeks, if at all.

30/60 day Money Back Guarantee! No questions asked. You have to get hold of them first, within the stated time, to get your money back.

Learning to recognise them is half the battle. Remember…… If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

A Legitimate Company, Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate Black Friday Deal

The owners are accessible and are often about the platform, answering questions and commenting on blogs etc.

You have a website problem, site support fixes it rapidly. What does that mean? My experience is maximum 30 minutes, mostly quicker.

You have a problem, that’s not website related? Ask the community. Obviously not personal problems, although it has happened. You get answers from several people at least. I think this is important because we all digest information differently and one of those answers will be related in a way that resonates with you.

You don’t get upsells pushed at you. You pay for Premium or Premium Plus and everything at your level is what you get. None of the, ‘just add this or upgrade to that’ for something you were told you got.

Why no technical stuff?

Because over this long weekend there will be endless blogs that do all the technical bits. For me, I wanted to know what I was getting without having to read endless, dry as dust explanations.

So I figure that there must be many others the same.

Besides, if you are new to this it probably won’t mean anything to you anyway.

What do I offer if you sign up through Me?

Real help and assistance. The original person I joined with offered me a free SEO course that I wasn’t ready for, as a bonus. Once I got started I was too busy learning the basics to even look at it and never got round to it. Beyond the initial automatic greeting messages, I didn’t hear from him again.

I offer practical assistance, things that can save you time. Like the best website theme, the best plug-ins to use and anything else you might want to know. The sort of things that take trial and error plus alot of time to learn.

I am there on the platform and accessible via Private message. When you feel ready I can offer some courses and ebooks, free of charge of course, that will help you move forwards at your pace.

READ HERE for what is on offer. The page shows some ebooks available but I have a lot more, as well as courses, on many subjects related to business and working online. I feel it is better for you to decide what you would find most helpful rather than hand out random books or courses on subjects that don’t interest you or you aren’t ready for.

Do It Now!

Take that leap of faith to create the future you really want for yourself and your loved ones. With the Pandemic constantly ebbing and flowing and so many having to work from home if they can, it’s never been a better time to take that leap. Online work is fairly pandemic proof, although, as we discovered from others, some things aren’t. Travel was a niche that lost traction with lockdowns and no travel happening. On the other hand, the minute they were allowed, many people were desperate to travel again.

Big companies have closed in the real world and many have moved online finding it unsustainable to continue in shops and offices.

People have been in lockdowns, as we all know and have experienced. What do we all do at such a time? We go online, to connect, to learn, buy books, courses and even interactive live workshops, gifts, clothes and food.

This is a growing workplace and marketplace for the savvy entrepreneur wanting to achieve their dreams and make a better life for when we get back to some sort of normality. The sort of job you can carry on doing from anywhere.

Use any spare time you have now, to make a start on that business, better to be creating that better future than staring at a TV screen endlessly.

This is YOUR Chance!

Your chance to get a membership to an excellent platform at a brilliant price that will be grandfathered in so you keep getting that price every single year.

By taking out a Years membership you are showing how serious you are about building a business. Treat yourself as a Christmas gift to you. Don’t buy that new Game Console or new supersized smart TV.

Spend that money on YOUR FUTURE instead. Trust me you won’t have the time or inclination to sit playing games or watching endless TV/films/boxsets, once you start building websites and a business. You will be focused on your goals and being your own boss!

Take the LEAP into Your Future NOW! CLICK HERE!

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