How to Market and Sell Courses Online

You need to put in the work and have resources. Sometimes, it takes so much effort that it’s easy for people to forget just how crucial online marketing courses are. Even with a solid marketing strategy, you might run out of ideas to bring in students, traffic, or sales. 

Teaching online is a wonderful way to earn passive income. You will love what it does. Let’s look at how to market and sell courses online.

Are you looking to market online courses?

These 9 ideas are just for course creators

  • Create a great landing page to promote e-learning.
  • Upload a presentation using SlideShare.
  • Share Your Opinion on LinkedIn.
  • Write a post on your blog.
  • Offer a lead magnet.
  • Add products on Pinterest.
  • Ask forum experts to share your online courses.
  • Answer questions on Quora.
  • Make a Public Relations Fact Sheet.

This is a list of top-rated online learning marketing tips. They require time and constant effort. You only need to stick to your goals. You’ll see results quickly if you stick to your plan.

Let’s get down to business.

  1. Create a Great Landing Page to Promote e-learning

A great landing page allows you to share your story and ideas with students. Your sales will grow if you create smart landing pages.

Each part of the design should strengthen your brand story. You might have a different tone if you market a real estate course.

Each landing page should contain a call for action. It doesn’t matter whether you’re asking people to sign up to your email list, to download a digital freebie, or to purchase your online course.

  1. Upload a Presentation Using SlideSharelanding page, presentation,share. How to Market and Sell Courses Online

Everyone knows video is a powerful strategy to market online courses. We’ve all heard about the importance of email. What is the top marketing tool? Slide presentations. SlideShare presentations make it easy to market courses online.

These presentations are viewed over 60,000,000 times each month by SlideShare users. You can use slides to help your audience consume more information. However, slides take less time to create than a video or a blog optimized for SEO.

Social media will continue to be a place where you have to compete for people’s attention. This marketing model is a competitive field. The best brands have found ways to stand out in places like Twitter or LinkedIn. SlideShare is the most efficient tool.

SlideShare’s valuable content will make it easy for potential customers to see how great your online course really is. The presentations will help you reinforce and expand the lessons you have learned as a course author. Marketing your courses online requires presentations.

  1. Share Your Opinions on LinkedIn.

It takes effort to get people on social networks to notice you, and then to take action. It is essential that potential students spend time researching online before enrolling in an online professional course.

Part of that research involves getting to know you. Click “Write an essay” instead of adding a short post or link directly to your profile.

LinkedIn allows you to repost articles already published on your website for education marketing.

You can also promote favorite pages on your site with a quick LinkedIn post. But, posting long-form content directly on LinkedIn is usually more successful.

  1. Write a Post on Your Blog

Blogs allow you to build your email list and drive organic visitors to your website. SEO is easy with blogging. A blog is a great way for students to get to know and trust you. It can help customers and leads move to a call-to action or landing page without you spending extra money.

This is a great long-term strategy for traffic. You just need to set a content schedule, and then stick to it.

Blog promotion is crucial. You can promote your blog by writing guest posts. The backlinks you get will help improve your site ranking and increase your chances of being found in search engines.

  1. Offer a Lead Magnet

You should incorporate lead magnets into your marketing strategy. Make sure you use them well. You don’t only need to make connections with new students; it is also important to encourage returning students to consider new courses.

A lead magnet lets you give students a taste of what you offer while building your ever-important email database.

  1. Add Products on Pinterestblog post,landing page, share on social media

Many people search for online courses for professionals to plan for their future. Pinterest is the third most-popular social network. There is no better platform for introducing your students to your course offerings.

If you don’t know much about the platform, you might think it’s an online scrapbook to share fashion and beauty photos. Pinterest is a platform that any niche can explore.

Little known Popular categories:

  • Real estate
  • Accessories for vehicles
  • Business planning

Pinterest isn’t just for fashion and beauty. There’s also a section for finance, sports and real estate.

Create a collection of brand images that you can use for Pinterest. You can then link them with your online courses. You can add announcements or use category tags to achieve long-lasting results.

Pinterest allows you to sell digital products directly, unlike Instagram and Facebook. It’s easy for you to post products from Selz directly to your Pinterest Business account. 

Get started with Selz using the following steps:

  • Log in and create a Selz account
  • Next, go to the left navigation menu of your dashboard. Then, click on Settings > Sharing
  • Confirm that Pinterest accounts are connected
  • Click the… button at the bottom of your products and go back to your items.
  • Pin it and add something to match your post
  • Click to share
  • Your product will appear in a pin. It will then be available for sale through the link provided.

There are also other platforms you can sell online courses on, such as Udemy, Etsy etc and of course your own website.

  1. Ask Forum Experts to Share Your Online Courses

Quora doesn’t have to be the only place where you can foster community. Reddit, Facebook Groups or other niche-specific forums can be a great way to make connections with others who are looking for your courses online.

Reddit allows course creators to make connections with students. This is an opportunity that can lead to valuable connections.

It’s not easy to establish a popular reputation and presence within these communities. But there are strategies you can employ to help you connect.

Follow these rules:

  • Ask smart questions to show you care about the group and their opinions.ask and answer questions
  • Before you start plugging in your e-learning courses, make sure to read and like the comments.
  1. Answer Questions on Quora.

Quora allows you to answer questions related to marketing courses online.

Your main goal is to not add links to another site but to show authority in your subject matter. Quora allows you to demonstrate your authority in many different ways.

  • Answer the relevant questions
  • Comment or upvote responses from experts

Quora provides a wealth of opportunities to connect students for online marketing courses.

It is important to avoid pushing sales in your answers. If you can share your expertise with people looking for it, this forum is powerful. 

  1. Make a Public Relations Fact Sheet

People often talk about press releases. However, there are other ways for journalists to reach out! While news agencies love interesting stories, it’s important to have the right facts before you pitch them.

A great public relations fact sheet is essential. If you are able to catch the attention of a reporter that loves course creators, then you are ready for primetime.


If you are a course creator or just getting started with course creation, all you need is a strategy that works. Diversify your marketing strategy by exploring more than one platform for promotion.

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6 thoughts on “How to Market and Sell Courses Online”

  1. Thank you for all these tips. I have been building my blog surely. And I was wondering what to promote. And I have discovered that courses have the best commissions because they are digital assets and the owners are willing to give us more for each sell. And on the other hand, there are so many good courses that have helped me, that I feel eager to share them with my audience.

    • Glad you found the post useful. 

      Courses are very much in demand now and of course they are just downloaded, unlike selling goods that need to be supplied and posted.

      Using courses you yourself have found to be good is better still as you can write about and recommend them.

      Thank you for commenting.

  2. This is a great post for content creators to read before they jump in to the world of online courses. It’s tempting to think that simply creating a solid body of work with good content would be enough to receive traffic, but the reality is that a good marketing plan and execution will be key to the results. Thanks for suggesting some specific, actionable tips to test out!

    • With online learning being so popular right now with the world situation, it’s a good time to get into selling digital goods Aly.

      It’s the same with anything online, it’s pointless unless you bring traffic to it. No one will read posts or buy goods if they don’t know you are there. I am pleased you found it helpful.

      Thank you for commenting.

  3. Fantastic information as I have been just starting to look into building an online course in hopes of eventually receiving some passive income over time. These tips and tutorials on how to create and market the course gives me some perspective as well as direction on where to go next. 

    • I am delighted that you found the information helpful for your future venture Daniel.

      Thank you for commenting.


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