Debunking Blogging Myths Part 2

So, did you see the first post Debunking Blogging Myths Part 1?  CLICK HERE! This post is a continuation of that post, mainly because I felt it would be far too long a post if I put them all into one. I know many people don’t like overly long posts and that includes me. I get put off by too lengthy a post especially if it rambles on rather than getting to the point and there is also the time factor too.

So that is why we have Debunking Blogging Myths Part 2, rather than having all in one post! Does that make sense to you?

Bloggers NEED….

Good Writing Skills

Nope! You just need to be able to write well!

What does that mean?  I have read numerous blog posts that are poorly written. They have spelling mistakes, bad grammar and sometimes don’t even make sense .

There have been posts where I am horrified by the advice given but then realise that maybe that is the norm in their part of the world. writing skills be an expertIt is important to realise that our posts can be read worldwide just as we read posts from all corners of the earth.
So you don’t need top writing skills just an ability to write in a way that connects with your readers and be able to write posts that help.

 You have to be an expert!

Do you think every expert started out that way? No, they learnt as they went along. You gradually become an expert by researching thoroughly and learning as you go.

Again, I think people are put off starting their own blog because they’re not an expert at what they want to talk about.
Whilst it helps to have something that makes you qualified to talk about your blog topic, you certainly don’t need to be! People read blogs for the personal touch. As long as you’ve got experience in what you write about that’s fine.
It’s also totally okay to not be an expert once you start but to understand you’ll learn more about it as you blog more. Many people think they need to know a lot even if they aren’t an expert but it’s not true.

Posting More Means You Will Get More Traffic

At the start you need to build your content, so the more you post the better. In the early days though, it won’t bring more traffic but it will help build trust with Google.

I had a craft blog that I used to post on daily with a different theme each day. Once it became established it got a lot of traffic but it became too much. Instead of establishing a once or twice a week pattern, I let it lapse because life got so busy and something had to go.

So its better to establish a steady routine of posting than overdo it. As you build it up the traffic will increase gradually.

People Will Just Find Your Blog

Sadly no!

You write an amazing blog post with fabulous images, press publish, and ……. nothing. Why is nobody reading it? My post is brilliant!
However good the post no one will come to read it until they know you are there. increase blog traffic, social mediaThe internet is a big place, there are many businesses, websites and blogs and unless you TELL people where you are they won’t know.
You have to actually put effort into getting traffic to your blog. It’s better to post less often, write posts that are optimised for Google, and promote them more. Because otherwise, nobody will read them!

Use every Social Media Platform

A myth many bloggers believe is that as soon as you begin a blog you must have an account for every single social media platform there is.
Eventually, you will but too many too soon will be overwhelming. Trying to tackle too many social media platforms at once will mean you’ll spread yourself too thin.
On top of all the other blogging tasks, it will be too much.

By all means, get accounts on each of them. Spend a bit of time looking at each and decide which one to start on then learn all you can and spend time growing that account. Then pick the next favourite and so on. It will be a time consuming task at the start but as you get used to it you will get faster and it won’t be such a chore.

Blogging Is Dead

This came up in a search on Google. This means people want to know if it’s true.

It’s not dead or even dying, it’s alive and well and still growing.Is blogging dead

From Google:

  • No, blogging isn’t dead in 2021
  • Bloggers have to adapt and create new business models if they want to keep achieving consistent results with their blogs. … That’s because both of these practices are now placed under the wider umbrella of content marketing rather than personal or corporate blogging.

So even now its a growing market.

Is Blogging still relevant?

This was another search term I spotted that made me pause and think.

It is more relevant now than it ever was. Why? Because people go to blogs when they have a problem that they need a solution for.

How to fix something

The best way to plan a garden or grow something

How to find that unusual piece that will finish off the look of a newly decorated room.

What to buy as a gift for a certain age group.

What to do if a baby won’t stop crying

and so on…… For many, the blogs have become the family that used to live round the corner, the friend they lost contact with. That person who could always be relied upon to give a sensible solution.


Blogging is not an easy option. It can take time to learn all you need to know and to find your ‘voice’. It can even take time to find the niche you want, very likely with a few changes of mind.

We have learnt that its not a case of ‘Build it and they will come’. It takes hard work to get them to come and visit. But once the traffic starts flowing from Google that will build and sharing on social media should bring a steady visitor stream.

BUT …. It’s not all hard work, once you get into the swing of it, it’s fun. I love it and love the life it brings.


6 thoughts on “Debunking Blogging Myths Part 2”

  1. I agree on that “you have to be an expert” myth so hard. That one is so true. You really don’t have to be an expert. Indeed, you learn as you progress with writing. And then, kind of just naturally happens and you don’t really have to think about it. If you’re interested in the subject, it doesn’t matter you’re wrong or some articles don’t turn out as great. You just have to be willing to push forward, even when you sometimes do get confronted by someone who knows a bit more about the niche.

    Then, that’s the learning time. I mean, to that end, I think the most important thing is to just be open to being wrong. Meaning, it’s just important to be willing to learn and accept that you might not get it right but you definitely intend to. Still, when you’re not, I think being flexible about it and admitting mistakes and correcting them is the way to go. With that, I think people also trust you more because they see that you’re really just after the truth. Sometimes the truth is not obvious. But that’s something to be expected. So, as long as you learn from it, you can’t get it wrong.

    • So called “experts & Guru’s” are just people who have a little more knowledge than we do. If you are interested in a subject then learning more about it, then sharing the knowledge is enjoyable. That comes through in the writing and brings people back.

      Sometimes, something may not be wrong, it’s just a different way of looking at or doing something, it all depends upon the subject. Then you can agree to disagree. 

      Thank you for commenting. 

  2. Thank you for debunking these blogging myths. I used to publish a lot of content in my blog. However, the traffic seems to decrease and I thought it was because blogging is dead now. It makes sense that I need to put an effort into promoting my content and reduce the frequency of publishing the content to my pace. I will start to work on my content plan again. Thanks

    • Regular new content is important but it is very important to share your content too. It’s no good churning out content that no one knows is there. 

      Good luck and thank you for commenting.

  3. I agree that blogging is not an easy option, as you correctly stated that learning everything I need to know and finding my voice can take time. Finding a niche is, of course, a difficulty for newbies. I also believe that attracting traffic necessitates a lot of effort. Thank you for acknowledging that writing in a way that connects me with my readers and allows me to create helpful content is a better solution.
    Great article.

    • Thank you for your comments Lio. It is not easy especially the early part with so much to learn but once you get into the flow it becomes enjoyable and fun too.

      Everything is more difficult at first, then becomes easier and faster the more you do it. building websites, writing content, sharing posts everywhere etc.

      Glad you enjoyed it.


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