Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Many people realised that an alternative income stream could be the best way to protect their finances in the past year. Have you found the past year financially and mentally draining and want to find a better way of making money? Is affiliate marketing going to make you rich, can you make money from affiliate marketing in 2021?

I’ll answer that question and discuss how to make money through affiliate marketing, financial outlays, success metrics, and tips for beginners.

How Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing?

The short answer is yes. Affiliate marketing is not a sprint but a marathon. It can certainly make you wealthy, but it is unlikely to happen overnight.

It can be challenging to make affiliate marketing your only source of income. It is an excellent marketing model that helps you make money online.

Super affiliates spend years perfecting their process and understanding their audience to make multiple streams of income from affiliate marketing. It is a time-consuming game.

There are many ways to earn passively in affiliate marketing. When you first start, it can be challenging. That is why joining an experienced global network like Awin is so essential.

Choose a Niche

To create content that is interesting and exciting, you should always choose a niche topic. You shouldn’t be bored talking about it.

You don’t have to be too niche-specific in your subject. While some people believe that a broad topic will increase their chances of success, it is more common to find the exact opposite. Broad can often be confused with vague, which dilutes your audience base. I can assure you that no matter what your selections are, there will always be an audience for them.choose your niche and platform, be consistent

The most important step for beginners is to choose a niche. Don’t ignore this step, and don’t just go with the current trend. You will lose your income no matter how successful you were in the beginning.

That aside, it is essential to consider whether your audience will pay money for your niche. 

Select a Platform

You can do affiliate marketing without a website. However, this simplifies the process.

Next, choose a platform that you desire. YouTube is popular but you may not be comfortable with video if you don’t feel at ease in front of a camera.

It doesn’t mean you have to be present on every platform. It is necessary to place affiliate links in your content – meaning that you will need your website, even a simple one. There are a few social media platforms that work well.

If you want access to training and as well as hosting, security and good support, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate which is the platform I use. Read about it HERE!

Consistency is Key

Although some find creating content exhausting, it is essential to offer value to your audience. You will develop trust and rapport with your audience by creating exciting and relevant content.

Affiliate marketing can be a fantastic way to make money. It is best to create an audience in a niche that you choose. 

Make Good Partners

After building trust with your audience, you need to think about your co-partners. That will reflect on your brand and impact how your audience views you. 

It might not be possible to promote a subscription service if your content revolves around hair products. Find partnerships that will work for your brand, and be relevant and helpful to your audience.

What is the Cost Involved?

You should consider financial metrics to assess the success of your affiliate marketing campaign.

You may have to consider the financial impact of paying to advertise depending on your approach to affiliate marketing. Whether you opt for an organic or paid approach can be the most considerable financial expense in affiliate marketing.

Paid advertising is not essential for publishers, and most don’t want to use it. However, it does have its advantages in the industry. Paid reach and engagement are a great way to expose your content faster, but trust is something you cannot buy.

To get the best ROI, consider how much it will cost.How much does it cost?

ROI, is the Return on Investment.

Affiliate marketing can attract costs. You should consider these when making financial decisions if you want to maximize your potential profits. Sometimes, there are minimal fees to join affiliate networks. 

Awin requires new publishers to pay $5 in compliance fees. This fee is immediately refunded once you have reached your first payment threshold. It reduces the chance of illegal activity within the network by ensuring that all active publishers are not spammers or bots.

There are ongoing and initial fees involved in maintaining a blog or website. These include hosting, domain name purchase, and SSL certificates if required by your host. To ensure security for your visitors and your information, I recommend that you have an SSL certificate installed on your website or blog. It builds trust.

Trust is Essential

Consistency in your content is crucial. You can provide content that interests your audience but with no strings attached. If you have any brand content, your potential audience will perceive it as authentic and be more likely to buy.

Trust is something that takes time to build. You will need patience and consistency in your approach. You need to be transparent about your partnership agreements, but your audience should feel that any products you recommend are genuine indeed.

Cost per Click

You should evaluate your CPC if you are running ads. How much are you charging to get someone to click on your ad? You’re losing money if the price per sale you receive is less than this.

Price per SaleCPS, ROI, PPC, Trust. Can You Make Money from Affiliate Marketing in 2021

Although you may have convinced someone to click on your affiliate link or ad, did they make the purchase? It is vital to assess your CPS. 

You may waste your efforts and money if the advertiser you work with only pays you for final conversions. However, if they deliver on influence, the CPC might be sufficient.


It calculates how much it costs to run an affiliate campaign (the input) and how much you have made (the output). Even if you’ve run your campaign organically, you need to consider the costs of being a publisher.

It could be a blog, photos, images editing, banners or videos, as well as any other content you’ve created. You should also consider whether you paid for professional services to help you make this content.

High-Ticket Items

Publishers are reluctant to promote higher-priced products. You should consider the affiliate commission rate of the advertiser. 

Also, think about how many lower-cost products you might have to sell to earn the same income. Selling fewer expensive products may be your key to success.

Research the data and make sure you understand it.

You will need to analyse data to make large amounts of money online. You can improve your process by identifying where your audience is coming from and where they might be falling out of your sales funnel. That will eventually result in a more efficient machine that makes you money.

It can be overwhelming to join an affiliate program like Awin because of the amount of data. This journey is not difficult if you have the correct information.

Build your audience by taking the time.

As mentioned previously, trust is Key to building a relationship with your audience. It takes time, and you shouldn’t rush. Paid advertising is an option, but it’s the connection you have with your audience that will trigger sales. 

It will also help you make money. Engage with your followers and get to know them. It is easier to sell to your audience if you are more familiar with them.


You can see that affiliate marketing can make you rich in 2021, but only if you have an established audience. If you don’t have a regular audience, your goal is to be rich in the future instead of building and nurturing a foundation for success now.

Many dismiss affiliate marketing because it does take time to build your trust with an audience but very often they come back to it after wasting money on things that promise much but deliver little.

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