How are Wealthy Affiliate doing

So, 4 weeks in:


How are they doing?

Are they the real deal? How are Wealthy Affiliate doing?

I decided to sign up with Wealthy Affiliates,  it was free after all.  I didn`t expect much.

There was the free level and then you could upgrade to Premium which offered so much more for a monthly fee. Still sceptical I waited to be pressured to upgrade.

No pressure! Hmmmm.

Instead I was being welcomed and offered training. Clearly suspicious!

What sort of scam was this?

I stayed to check them out to decide once and for all.

The community was so welcoming with offers of help. Maybe it wouldn`t last perhaps this was to draw me in.

I started on the training and was amazed how straightforward it was. Step by step website building. I could watch a step on the video, stop it and then carry it out on my site. Sounds a long way of doing it but it worked well for me as I am not ‘techie’ minded. I have never built a wordpress site before despite selling online for nearly 10 years.

They seemed so complicated to create, I avoided trying.

I had a week to decide whether I wanted to join Premium for half price for the first month. As the week went on I was so excited about the amount I was learning I decided to go ahead. It was only for the 1 month though! (Still sceptical)

This shows what you get for which plan.wealthy affiliate membership graph


You don’t have to join Premium, I think some do stay on the starter plan longer. Me? I love to learn and I want to succeed. The greater the knowledge the better chance I have.

What support is available?surround yourself with successful people

Would probably be easier to say what isn’t!

I have asked questions and had several very helpful answers very quickly.

Personal mentoring is available, though not tried that.

There is Live chat, for help and encouragement. (I’ve had a look but not taken part yet)

The community as a whole is very supportive We are encouraged to grow a network, which means you have a pool of people who get notifications when you ask a question or post a blog etc. The bigger the network  the larger the pool.


Training Videos, take you through each part step by step to build your knowledge. Trained affiliates also create training videos on all manner of subjects. If you are keen to increase your knowledge, this can feel like being a kid in a sweet shop, being told you can have as much as you like.

Training modules

I find myself watching and then implementing all sorts of information. As soon I I learn it, that’s it, I’m off to the social media site in question, or my website or Google console, to carry out the instructions.

I have a sneaking suspicion that much of it is in the training I’m doing. I would get through it faster if I focused more and stopped rushing off here and there because I want to know everything right now!

There are also weekly Live Classes (and 100’s of hours of replays). I haven’t attended any of these yet so cannot wax lyrical about them. That’ something else that I will go into once I learn about it first hand.

Affiliate Bootcamp!

I am doing the Affiliate Bootcamp training to start with, to be an Affiliate for WA. I have nearly finished the first training course of 7. Each part has 10 video lessons, so it’s a comprehensive course.

I now have a wordpress website created by ME! I am very proud of myself  for having achieved that much. Step by step I will be improving it and my knowledge as I work through the various levels.

Keyword Research Tool.

I have found this tool very useful for keywords but it has many more uses too, so far I have mainly used it for keywords and not looked at all the other useful things it does. I will let you know about the other uses as I discover more.

Jaaxy keyword research tool

What else is there?

Below is a list of all the other things you get by being part of WA.  I will go through these in future blogs as I learn all about them. I prefer to talk about what I know because I have used it or taken part in it rather than looking up the information and adding it without knowing firsthand.

  • Ambassadorship Program
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • The Affiliate Program
  • Networking
  • Building Websites
  • Website Performance Tools (SiteRubix)
  • Website Engagement Platform (SiteComments)
  • The Hosting Platform
  • Site Content Writing Platform


So far I am loving WA. The training is amazing, so easy to follow.

The community is fantastic, questions are answered quickly even if they seem daft. I am very new to this world of affiliate marketing so I get stuck on something that I figure must be obvious to others. But, a very big BUT, I still need to know and ask anyway.

There is no mockery of my ignorance, just kindness and answers. In my opinion, considering how people can be online nowadays, that is amazing.

Anyway… the upshot is….. ta da……….. drum roll………..!

I intend to sign up for a year when my first month is up. Want to read more first? Go HERE!wealthy affiliate starter membership


Want to have a look for yourself?

What have you got to lose? Nothing at all.

What can you gain? Knowledge, without paying anything.

You know what they say?

Knowledge is Power!

Want to have a look and join for free? Click HERE! or on the picture.


I hope you enjoyed this review, if you did, please share.

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thank you for visiting, hope to see you again.

10 thoughts on “How are Wealthy Affiliate doing”

  1. I really enjoyed reading how you feel about Wealthy Affiliate. I joined and have yet to get through all of the training, but I’ve been able to create several websites with the minimal amount of training I’ve gotten through. I started with the free membership, but after doing the numbers I realized that Premium is worth it. Just the fact that you can host 50 websites with SSL certs included is an incredible deal. I personally pay a ton in hosting 2 websites on a popular hosting company and don’t get all the features that I get on my websites here and they don’t even have SSL certs. I have to pay an arm and a leg if I want to add it there. I wish I would’ve known about Wealthy Affiliate before I set those sites up! 

    • Thank you for your comments. I too have barely scratched the surface of the training and am amazed by what I can do already.

  2. Great article about Wealthy affiliate!

    I’ve been a premium member for over 3 years now and i still love it, every year they come up with new updates and features to help us entrepreneurs succeed Online!

    These guys have been in business since 2015, that’s over 14 years! Any business that has been successful(or still is), is successful because they offer a product or service that people truly want & Love, Wealthy affiliate is no different, They are the real deal, they teach success and with an amazing community at our backs, it makes success only much faster to achieve!

    I would truly recommend joining their free starter membership, it truly is free and you don’t need to sign up a bank or credit card either, just a simple account creation, their motto is simple, you either like it or you don’t,

    It was a great read,
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed it. I agree, they are the real deal. I was highly sceptical but no more. I am a convert ready to shout it from the roof tops.


  3. Wealthy affiliate review, if someone was thinking of starting an online business based around affiliate marketing then they should look no further than this review because it is thorough and honest, not only that it was written by somebody who has experienced all the benefits that the Wealthy Affiliate platform has to offer. It’s pretty amazing the training that you can get for nothing and you always have the option to go for the premium package, which I totally recommend. The tools at your disposal include video, pdf, text, article training, one on one coaching ( premium) website comment forum website feedback forum the list is endless, all in all an excellent way to learn about affiliate for an affordable price. Well done.

    • Thank you very much for your comments. I agree with you, the training is amazing and Wealthy Affiliates has a tremendous amount to offer. 

      I am very glad that you liked the review.

  4. Before i came across WA, i came across one other website that was teaching affiliate marketing. The difference was that WA has free starter training and for the other you had to pay (even though it was refundable). 

    So the reasonable thing to do is try the free because you can do it right away. I was thinking about the 19$ (cause money is tight for me right now can’t waste them – even if it wasn’t tight , again you should not waste them).

    After reaching to the end of the 7 days premium offer, I decided to purchase because i thought it was worth the try. Well i was well informed by then that to make profit you need at least 3 months. I wouldn’t believe anyone that would tell me i can make money in day 1.

    Well you can ask any question you like, so the more you have the better!!

    I’m on my second month now , still not made any sale, but the website is improving and when i need something to know and can’t find it already, i ask.

    It’s up to you to speed the process (if you work part time or full time).

    You better enjoy what you are doing because you will be doing it for a long time haha ! Cheers

    • Thank you for your comments. 

      I came across several that offered ‘training’ and not refundable either, they went from a few hundred pounds to thousands. 

      To me the chance to see and try the training for free means they know how good the training is. That is worth a lot in peace of mind.

      I hope you are enjoying the process and wish you great success in all you do.


  5. Hi,

    Thank You very much for sharing your personal experience on Wealthy Affiliate.

    Really this is an amazing review with all the necessary information about “Wealthy Affiliate review – How are they doing?”I like the review very much.I have inspired a lot from your review.One of my friend suggested me to join wealthy affiliate market for earning some passive income.But i wasn’t proper learned about wealthy affiliate.So,in this regard i was looking for a guideline.After reading your review i have gained all the thorough details of wealthy affiliate market.I have learn that this is the best affiliate market for earning money as it provides her member with training, live chats and best keyword research tools which is jaaxy and so on.It is suitable for beginner and there are lots of way to earn money from wealthy affiliate which has impressed me the most.Definitely i am going to join this program.I hope after that i can earn some money without any risk.This review is very helpful for those people who want to know perfectly about WA as you have highlighted the review so nicely.I will also share this great review with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    i am a beginner,can you suggest me is free starter will suitable for me? Or should i join this program as a premium member?  

    • Thank you for your comments. I prefer reviews that are from personal experience so had to write mine that way.

      I am very glad my post helped you to decide you want to join, I have not regretted it for a moment.

      I appreciate you sharing my post.

      As a beginner and if you aren`t 100 per cent sure then join with the free membership and see how you get on. 

      The pictures are direct links if you want to join and haven’t already.

      I wish you luck and great success whatever you decide to do.  



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