Just Over Broke

Gloomy future

The Future is YOURS. Interesting idea, right? Is that possible? Does yours  look Murky or Bright? We are taught by teachers and parents that we learn, get a job, struggle for years to become independent, have our own place, continue the struggle until eventually it’s not so much of a struggle. Shouldn’t we be taught that the world is there to explore and horizons there to be expanded. We should …

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Action Required to build a website

Time for Action

Ready for Action? So you have thought endlessly about working from home. The freedom, no commute, working when it suits you, able to go places because your work can go too. BUT you need to start somewhere, researching continually does NOT get that business started. Get moving with the action required to build a website and make that start. You have been looking at options for months or maybe a …

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What is your Passion

Passion led us here

What is YOUR passion? What do you most like to do? Most LOVE to do? Sport, outdoor or indoor? Your home and or garden? Making things? Crafts of some sort? Painting. Are you an Artist? Reading? Are you a prolific reader? Do you write? A blog, stories, journal, recipes etc? Perhaps you have many interests you pursue. When you lose interest in one you move on to the next. It …

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Wealthy Affiliate a 5 month Review

How is Wealthy Affiliate doing? Well I promised to let you know sooner how I was getting on here at Wealthy Affiliate but the time has flown and its 5 months since I joined. So I decided to do this post now, ‘Wealthy Affiliate a 5 month review.’ So how is Wealthy Affiliate doing so far? I would say, extremely well. I knew there was a lot of training but …

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How do you start an online business

start up sign

The beginning! You want to know: How do you start an online business?  What do you do and where do you go? Online of course! You begin by googling it: How do you start an online business.  Read HERE too. Another source read on business basics HERE: You come up with a dazzling array of options. One is this from an online magazine called Entrepreneur. “Find a need and fill …

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