How to start a profitable website


Why are you here?

With all that’s going on in the world right now more people are realising it makes sense to have a back up plan.  What sort? How about an online business. You have obviously been thinking about it otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

You obviously want to know how to start a profitable website. Not much point wanting an unprofitable one after all.

So with more time you have been looking around online and if you are in the UK now know that lockdown will continue for at least another 3 weeks. Clearly a brilliant time to learn the basics and get a website up and running. The best time to create an online business.

Sooo….. what is the first thing you need to do to start a profitable website? Most people just leap in without giving much thought to what their website will be about. Surely its creating the website that’s important, isn’t it? You know, getting it built, adding the fancy bells and whistles to wow the customers. Not really. So how do you start a profitable website? Well you need to start right at the very beginning.

First you need to decide what the website is about.

Choosing A Profitable Website Topicfrog pulling a bag of cash. How to start a profitable website

You can’t just create a website about anything, it has to be a specific topic on which you have a decent amount of knowledge and interest. Well you can, but it would be pointless. You won’t know what you are talking about and it won’t be enjoyable.

The first step, before we do anything, is to decide what the site is actually going to talk about. You need to create a “niche” website. Niche is a word that refers to a small, profitable corner of a market. This means that your site will be very specific and focused on one topic. Your goal will be to dominate this “niche” and become an authority in it. Does that make sense?

Let me give you an example.

You may love sport and take part in a few. Through the process outlined below, you decide on something within that topic that is the right angle for you. You don’t create a website about sport in general. You narrow it down to a very specific piece of this topic (a niche). Through your research you may decide it would be best to create a website about the training process of one particular sport or about the clothing required. Though with the clothing, it could then be narrowed down further into a particular part, such as footwear. Now, THAT is a “niche”. If you became an authority on that specific topic, it would be something that could be very profitable for many years to come.

Isn’t bigger better?

So, you may be thinking “Why should I narrow it down so much? Wouldn’t it be better to go after any sports or at least all equipment needed including clothes or even just clothing?”

I know I thought the same when I started. I had many thoughts along the lines of: What if I run out of things to write about? Surely I need a bigger topic for more variety to make the site more interesting. No and no. You won’t run out of things to say, unless you pick the wrong topic, such as something you have no interest in.

Too much variety on different subjects isn’t good because it means your customer struggles to find what they are interested in amongst everything else you have written about.

Less is good

Wikipedia states: 

  • A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment.

A narrower niche means that there is less competition and the more you narrow down your topic, the amount of competition reduces further.

And the less competition, the greater chance you have of becoming an authority on your topic. When you become an authority it brings more people to your website, they learn to trust you and this brings them back.

HOW to choose your topicmaking a list

Make a list of everything you are passionate about.  Write everything down, everything you can think of.

Then, it’s time to research which of those passions and interests would make the best topic for your website. To do this you need to work out two simple things.

1) How many people are interested in your topic

2) How many other websites there are on this same topic. There are simple, free online tools that you can use to work it all out.

So, step number one is to see how many people are searching for your topic online. This gives us a rough estimate of how much demand there is for a website on this subject.  Visit the “Google AdWords Keyword Tool“. This is a free tool provided by Google and it will let you know a rough idea of how many times someone typed any particular keyword into Google.

How does it work?google adwords keywords

Lets find out. Clink on the link or type it in to google.

You should have a screen like the screenshot opposite. Then click on the blue button that says ‘Go to keyword planner’.

I am showing you as I do it for you, mainly because I have seen so many outdated instructions without anything to show you how it should look. Instructions are fine but you want to be sure you have the right page. Especially when you are discovering this for the first or even re discovering after a long time.

At this point I will confess that it has been a long time since I used this tool and it does look different. It’s also good for me to brush up on such tools and remember to use them. Such tools do make life easier.

And on to the next

So let’s say you decide you are keen on crafts, so you narrow it down to your 2 main interests in that very large topic, knitting and crochet. You put in crafts, knitting and crochet just to see what happens and to try out the tool.

There is less competition but still plenty of visitors looking and searching for information. So then you need to scan the list to find potential topics.

Altogether there were 2,651  results just from the 3 words.

Keywords that you provided:google adwords keywords 1


100K – 1 M   High


10K – 100 K  High


100K – 1 M  High

So crafts and crochet both have 100,00 – 1,000,000 average monthly searches. So the narrower subject of crochet is more popular than knitting.

So we take that one and put that into the keyword planner. There are 667 results, just from crochet.

The top 5 that come up are these:google adwords keywords 1

crochet patterns

10K – 100K High


10K – 100K High

free crochet patterns

10K – 100K High

crochet blanket

10K – 100K High

crochet baby blanket

10K – 100K High

So crochet patterns and free crochet patterns are highly popular searches with amigurumi in between them.

A topic of patterns could be narrowed down further into amigurumi patterns. You will have noted that Amigurumi was another popular search. Or baby clothes , blankets, or more specifically, baby blankets  even.

While you are on the webpage “Google AdWords Keyword Tool“, spend some time playing with various words of ideas  that interest you. then choosing narrower subjects from the words offered. This will help you learn how it works and make it easier and faster when you are needing particular keyword.

What’s next?

Now you know that it’s possible to make a site about crochet patterns, you need to check the amount of sites that there already are about crochet patterns. Of course, if you find that there’s 100 million sites about crochet patterns, you will need to go back and look at other crochet niches.How to start a profitable website 1

To find this information, all we need is Google. So type Crochet patterns into Google  Now you look at the top of the page, just above the first entry where it says “About 132,000,000 results “.

This means that there is 132,000,000 web pages on this term. It may seem like a lot, but it’s not that bad because in reality, only percentage of those sites will be very good with high quality content. Compare it to the general term of crochet where you get: “About 891,000,000 results”.  Plus google will have scanned the entire internet for that search term, so even a mention will have that page included.

Another popular search was Crochet Blankets. Put into Google it came up with: About 106,000,000 results so lower still.

Just play around with your words and ideas until you have settled on what you want your niche site to be about.

Niche done, ready to go

Well not quite but that is a major step forward you have made a start. Many jump into building a website, buy the first domain name they think of and the first topic they think of. Many also go for a topic rather than a niche at first thinking it will be easier.

Admittedly it does sound as though it will be. The reality is, that 6 months down the line, you are likely to scrap that site and start again, having taken the steps of choosing a niche and domain name carefully.

That time won’t have been wasted, you will have learnt a lot. The original site could be kept for trying out new ideas or plug ins before adding them to your main site. Also could be something you might want to go back to.

A little planning in the early stages can save you a lot of time later.



Want to know the platform I recommend to host your sites and get training for one great price? Wealthy Affiliate. Read more HERE!

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Learn about Affiliate Marketing


The easy and basic version for those who are only just discovering and want to learn about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s a way of earning money online.

It works as a business, you apply to companies that appeal to you or have products in your chosen niche. You then become affiliated with the company if they accept you and then you promote their products for them.

They will supply you with advertising material such as banners and make links available to you, with your special code, so that each company knows who the traffic or sales come from.

When someone clicks on a link to a product and then buys, whether it’s digital or an actual physical product, the affiliate can earn a small commission from the sale.

It sounds simple and that is the basic premise but it takes hard work getting to that point. There are many online who say it’s easy, you can earn thousands a week while only working 2 hours per week. That is not realistic at all.

The reality is lots of training and many hours of hard work. If followed correctly the training works very well but it won’t happen overnight. Many try it for a month or two and give up saying it doesn’t work, having done very little of the training or put in much time. If you want to earn well, then you need to put in the time and  effort.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for affiliate marketing. You can join at no cost, have a look round, try out the basic training and see what you think. wealthy affiliate Learn about Affiliate Marketing

There is no pressure to become a paying member. Though if you join within the first 7 days you get the first month at half price. If you decide to stay on you can pay monthly or yearly. Yearly  means you save quite a bit, so if you can do that it’s much more economical, but of course it depends on individual circumstances and how you feel about what there is on offer.

When I joined I was highly sceptical but the quality of the free training won me over, along with the welcoming community. Once I went to Premium and  saw what training was on offer for paid members, how much there was available and how comprehensive it is, I was hooked.

Building a website or starting one with the free training was exciting and then continuing on was even better. I couldn’t believe my luck and knew there and then I was staying.

What do you learn?

You learn how to build a wordpress website.

First of all though you have to decide what your website will be about.  You select a topic and narrow it down in to a niche which is a smaller more select area of the overall topic.

With that decided, next comes a name for your website.

I always avoided WordPress as it looked so complicated, so went for easier options. With the right training however, that is done step by step, even I could manage it. Being able to stop  and start the video to complete each piece was brilliant. Some parts I found easy but other sections I had to go over a few times until the penny dropped.

The sense of accomplishment was amazing.

Additions to your site

You learn about the best themes to use, to get your site looking the way you want it. Though you first start with a more limited selection on the free starter membership, still quite a few though, to choose from. At this stage you tend to use the first one that appeals, which is fine at this stage as you are just keen to have a website.

There are Plug ins that come with your website, basic ones essential to the running of it.plug ins

Not real world plugs of course, plug ins that go right inside your website that help with the running of it.

There are an amazing amount of plug ins that will do various things for your website. Often you will see people recommending various ones but experience has taught me to check my stats before and after.

There is training on how to create content (blog posts) for your site, again, step by step the best way to set it out and how to add pictures and videos.

There is also a section of the Wealthy Affiliate site that has lists of companies wanting affiliate marketers, so you don’t even have to do that yourself unless you want to.

I also realised that it doesn’t stop at affiliate marketing any of your sites can be used for any business that you want to run.

You have an amazing site you have created and can sell things you create, buy items to sell, or be an affiliate marketer. Or you can incorporate all 3, its entirely up to you. The only limits you have are those you impose on yourself.

How does it help me?

You can run any business you choose and you will have the help you need.dream big

You have an amazing site you have created and can sell things you create, buy items to sell, do coaching or be an affiliate marketer or anything else you fancy doing.

The only limits you have are those you impose on yourself.

There is training on just about any business related subject you can think of . Not only official training but also many from long term members who find a better way of doing something or a different way that’s easier.

I am pretty sure that most things you want to know about will have at least one training available, if not more.

The Benefits.

From 16th March there are changes to the amount of websites offered.

  • 1 website with the free membership and 10 websites with the Premium membership.
  • It used to be 2 websites with the free starter membership and 50 websites with the Premium membership.

You get great website hosting along with  top notch Security to keep it safe.

Website Speed that is fabulous in this fast paced world where everything has to be instant. It gives a better user experience for your site visitors.

Reliability. A platform that is reliable, where the owners are accessible and despite being so successful are still ready to help should you have a problem.

Support. The site support is brilliant. The response is very fast and any problems solved quickly, occasionally the impossible takes longer but still gets solved.

The free starter membership with training to get you started along with a website. Well 2 at the minute, until 16th March.

Did I mention the amazing community that have helped me and others countless times? They are the human side of Wealthy Affiliate, along with the owners Kyle and Carson. They too are very accessible, giving help and advice to everyone. Plus they keep updating the platform and are  constantly making improvements


Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn all you need to know about starting a business, whether it’s affiliate marketing or a different type of business.Wealthy Affiliate banner

All the tools are there in one place to help you succeed. Then as backup you have an amazing community who will cheer you on with successes, commiserate with the mistakes and lift you up if you feel down.

And every day you will see blog posts on the site that inspire you. They also teach you and spark ideas for your site and for new blog posts.

They also encourage everyone to sign up for the free membership first, there are very few platforms that do that. Wealthy Affiliate do it because they have nothing to hide. There aren’t any upsells. If you decide to go premium, which is your choice, that is what you will pay, your membership only.

You can buy domain names through Wealthy Affiliate but you can buy them elsewhere if you prefer and migrate them in, the same if you already own a domain name.

So overall there are many benefits to coming to Wealthy Affiliate and giving us a try. Check it out for free and see what you think. All you will have lost is a bit of time.

What you could gain, is a better future. So why not come and join us today? CLICK HERE!

Joining via my link on this page will ensure you get my assistance when needed, the benefit of my knowledge thus far and 2 FREE ebooks or courses to help you on your affiliate journey.

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Best Online Business Ideas for 2020

Best Online Business Ideas for 2020

The Best Online Business Ideas for 2020.

No cost or low cost start up business ideas to get your imagination flying and your brain working overtime. Can you do it? YES, of course you can!choice. Best Online Business Ideas for 2020

It’s surprising that in this era we live in you can start businesses with little or no money.

Wanting to know, I decided to look up the cost of starting a small business in the real world.


From the Simply Business website

  • According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) less than half (44.1 per cent) of the UK businesses that were started up in 2011 were still going five years later.
  • Many new business owners don’t seek any professional advice before starting their venture, yet the planning stages of a startup are likely to be the most important. It may, for example, help you to get professional advice to choose your legal and financial model.
  • Read through our advice and resources for UK small businesses for some helpful signposts.

They don’t give a figure for the costs because it can vary so much according to the size and cost of premises, to stock, tools, equipment and staff if needed. Solicitor, accountants and other professionals can add to the cost too.

I don’t know about you but I can feel the thousands racking up at a great rate. You couple that with the numbers above, nearly half of new businesses failing and that becomes a risky business. That’s a lot of cash at stake.


Completely free of cost?

Well no, I suppose not. It depends upon whether you already have internet (most people) and whether you have a desk top computer or laptop or mobile phone. Now I had to put mobile for phone as older people, like me, would think of their house phone first.Dream job

I know this because it popped into my head.

So if you have all or any of the above you are good to go.

You can pay for website hosting but many do a free starter website you can build. Just want a blog? Easy to get started and free is Blogger. I started out blogging with that site. I managed to get it up and running myself and learnt by trial and error.

You don’t need to work out a business plan or go to a bank for a small business loan.

If you decide to do paid training courses for your business, then this is a tax deductible expense here in the UK. Not sure whether the same applies in other countries.

1) Proof Reader.

If you are one of those people that always pick up on the typing mistakes, get irritated by terrible grammar and annoyed by awful punctuation?pen laid on written words

Do you love to read and have a passion for words? If so this could be the ideal job.

Its a good idea to take at least one course on the best way to go about it. There is a free 76 minute course available, run by a lady called Caitlin of Proofread Anywhere who is passionate about her work and wants to help others learn it too. It’s a good starting point.

I haven’t tried this myself and I am not affiliated with the person or site. It seemed like an option worth trying if you fancy this sort of work. Taking a free course is a good way of seeing whether you like it or not.

What is Proofreading?

It’s checking the final copy of written material for grammar, punctuation, spelling, tense, and readability.

Aren’t books dying out?

Not really because we also have e-books besides the usual books. Plus we have e-courses, blog posts, transcripts, and other written content being constantly published. All ready and waiting for your skills.

Where do you find work?

There are websites such as Flexjobs, EditFast, Upwork. and as a starting point for you. I am sure there will be many more out there too..

Here is a free quick quiz I found that you can try to see how much you do notice. Go HERE.

2) Freelance Writer.

These are quite in demand with businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers needing quality content. As a beginner it can be tough finding work and getting established. So again, as with proofreading it’s a good idea to learn the basics first.freelance writer

What does a Freelance writer do?

A freelance writer is a self-employed writer who takes on a variety of writing projects in particular subjects on short term or long term contracts. Freelance writers provide valuable expertise and writing skills to their clients. Once well established, high quality freelance writers, can make up to a six-figure yearly income from home.

How do I become a Freelance writer?

Well, anyone can say they are a Freelance writer, it’s having the skills to back it up that’s most important.

Tips on writing articles HERE!

You don’t want to turn out work that isn’t high quality because it will be tough to get the better paying work. It will take time to get established as with any business but learning what you can at the start should give you a head start on others.

I have found a Free starter course for you, from so you can give it a try. GO HERE.

While doing more research I came across a 6 day free course on Freelance writing. GO HERE.

Again, these are nothing to do with me and I am not affiliated in any way with them.

Where do I find work?

Here are a few to start you off.

Problogger, Blogging Pro, All Freelance Writing Job Board, Contena and Canadian Freelance Writing.

You don’t need to be Canadian to apply for the Canadian Freelance Writing jobs.

There will of course be many more these are a starting point.

3)A Scopist.

I have never heard of this one before.typing with headphones

This is what Wikipeadia says:

  • A scopist edits the transcripts of official proceedings, created by court reporters. Court reporters attend official proceedings such as court hearings and transcribe the spoken word to written text, mostly using stenotype machines or voice mask equipment. Scopists receive the rough copies of these transcripts after the proceedings, check the transcript for missing words or mistakes, edit grammar and punctuation, ensure that proper names and technical or scientific terms are spelled correctly, and format the transcript properly before delivering the transcript back to the court reporter.*

How do I become a Scopist?

Many have had training as a court reporter first, so you could go that route, either in the real world or online. Or find specific online training to be a Scopist.

There is an Internet Scoping School and it offers a free mini course to find out whether its a job that is a good fit for you. GO HERE.

How hard it it to learn?

It sounds as though there is a lot to learn but the work will be interesting I would think.

On the plus side, not many people have heard of it which means there isn’t as much competition for work. Always a good thing to be getting in on something early.

You will need specialist software apparently, although it should of course, be tax deductible, as a legitimate business expense.

Where to get work?

Here are a few websites to get you started,,, and

There are more but not as many as with other professions as it is so little known.


These are all good possibilities for starting your online business to work for yourself from home.Freedom

I hope you learnt some interesting information from this post. I certainly did while researching. I heard of an entire new profession, to me, that has apparently been about a while, that I have never heard of. It was interesting and I imagine could be a very interesting job to do.

You can earn by doing online surveys but I believe you have to do a lot to make much money from them. Might be an idea as a fill in.

There are many more online jobs and business ideas forthcoming in this vast arena that is growing exponentially. For those of us getting into it now and those that started even 10 years back, we are getting in near the start. With many real world businesses, big and small closing, more and more people are turning to the internet for work.

Lets face it, who wouldn’t want to work for themselves from home. No hassle, people, traffic, crowded public transport, cold/wet/hot weather and best of all …. NO Boss.


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How to Create an Online Business

Future written in scrabble tiles

It’s a new year and the start of a new decade and time to make a better future.

How do you do that? By creating an online business.

Time to make the future you want.

You don’t change things by doing what you’ve always done. So now it’s time to change that, to create the future you have dreamed of.

How can you do that?

learn. shelves of books How to Create an Online Business

Can I learn how to create an online business?

First you need to learn how.

There are ways to learn for free with many You Tube videos on the subject as well as blogs. There are also websites offering free online courses if you Google it.

These of course are limited in the amount of information they give you as many are selling more extensive courses themselves.

That route can take a while as you piece together the different amounts of information.

I tried this way but it always felt as though something was missing. Which is certainly not helpful.

How can I afford a good course?

There are always ways to save cash once you decide you want to invest in yourself and your future.

Do you pay for TV subscriptions? How much do you pay and do you need them all?

Do you eat out or have Takeaways? How about coffee on your way to work? Make savings on lunch and take your food from home and use refillable water bottles.

You can shop around to reduce your utility bills.

Shop around to cut back on food bills. Do click and collect rather than pay a delivery charge.

You don’t have spare time.

When you work full time, it’s easy to instantly dismiss the idea of doing extra work at home but it’s how many successful entrepreneurs started out.

So think about it.

Do you play games online, on a console? Do you watch television programmes, films, box sets?

Do you see where I am going with this?

If you want to build a better future then you need to make changes. Instead of slouching in front of a screen dozing, why not put that time to good use in front of a screen that has you wide awake and keen to do more?

What would I do?

Training. Running up steps.


No, not that sort of training, though the word does make me think of running in particular and being pushed to the limit.

Though if you sit all day a bit of walking or running is not a bad way to have a break.

I mean a different sort of training.

Learning how to build a website, how to find a niche, to master SEO, Keywords, blogging, social media and more.

Training that seems endless, tough at times but is exciting too.

Building a basic first website is fun and gives a massive sense of achievement.

What is a niche?

Is a small part of a wider subject. Such as Health. This is a large subject so you narrow it down to something you are interested in.

Some examples of this one subject.

* Health & Beauty Aids Retail
* Health & Diet Foods Retail
* Health & Medicine
* Health & Wellness Programs
* Health Aids
* Health and Beauty
* Health Associations
* Health Care Plans
* Health Care Professionals
* Health Care Providers
* Health Clubs
* Health Food Stores
* Health Spas
* Healthy Gut
* Hearing Aid Audiologists
* Hearing Aids & Assistive Devices Retail
* Heart Disease

There are, of course, hundreds of possibles niches covering a wide variety of subjects.

What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation.

Basically how to get the search engines to see your blog posts and rank them.

The higher the ranking the more your posts and site gets seen by people searching for what you are writing about.


What are Keywords?

The particular words and phrases that people use when they are searching for a subject they want to know about. Using the right ones help your posts move up the ranks to get seen.

Think about when you do an online search. The better the words you put in, the more descriptive, the better the results. Keywords give good results from both sides.

What is blogging?

Writing a blog post or an article which is more commonly known as content to those that have a website and blog.  You write information about your niche, solving problems, writing reviews and anything else relevant to your subject.. To do that you need to do research, check facts, create good post titles and find good keywords.

Many think of blogging as writing something fun, perhaps about your day, adding some pictures and that’s it done. This is unbelievably far from the truth. Well it is when you are blogging for a business. 1 post can take many hours to create.

Read article writing tips HERE!

Social Media

social media

Not the sort of social media where you keep in contact with family and friends but business social media.

You need accounts with the main platforms to share your blog posts and create posts that interest people so they become followers.

Followers are important as through them your work gets a wider audience. When people like, share or  comment on your posts, they then get seen by others from their circles too.

Social media has an important part to play in running any online business. It’s not enough enough to have a business, you also need customers. That means you need to advertise your site, blog posts and anything you sell or items you recommend that your customers might need or are searching for.

It can help with reaching potential followers of your site and the all important traffic, while you are building your content and rising in the ranks of search engines.


How soon would I be earning?

That is a question that comes up a lot as you can imagine. Especially as many watch videos for ‘systems’ that promise fast set up and money coming in within hours or a few days. Then just a couple of hours a week to keep it going.

Many people have been caught out with these.

handful of notes

Well the one I recommend doesn’t work like that.

It teaches you the basics then moves on to the more in depth training to help you build a business that will last and grow. It’s focussed on building a good solid foundation that can continue to grow well into the future.

The official training is excellent and very extensive and there is also an endless amount of training available from members you have been on the site for years.

Some have started earning small amounts after a few months, others have taken longer. It all depends on the amount of time you have to give to your fledgling business and how much effort you are willing to put in.

Have I earned anything yet? Small amounts which are nice and shows the training works but I didn’t expect more or even that just yet as other commitments reduce the time I have available. I do however spend every spare minute I have on it.

So what is my recommendation?

Wealthy Affiliate!

wealthy affiliate starter membership

It is a hosting platform that as well as offering training and offers you hosting on up to 50 websites, 25 domain and 25 non domain.

The site support is excellent, responds promptly and solves minor problems instantly, difficult mostly within an hour or two and the impossible takes a bit longer.

There is a very large supportive community, that is always available and very inspiring.

They offer a free starter membership to look around, have a go at building a website and doing some basic training, which I was impressed with when I started. It made me take the next step, which was signing up for a month of Premium membership, which costs $49 or £37.44p.

That gives you the chance to examine what else is on offer and check out the premium training.

For me, after a week, I knew this was what I wanted and where I wanted to build my business.

I always recommend that you try the free membership first.

Letting you know of changes coming very soon.

Upcoming Hosting Changes, March 16th, 2020

We are moving to updated hosting plans in preparation of some significant launches in May, and the introduction of a standalone Managed WordPress Brand being launched Summer 2020.

These are how the hosting updates look:

Starter Membership1 Website, Formerly 2 Websites

Premium Membership: 10 Websites Any Type (NEW), Formerly 25 Own Domains / 25 Free Websites

Price changes from May 12th and more up to date information on changes HERE!

Think you can’t do it?

I say you can! If at 64 I can learn this while running a small crafting business, running a home and caring for grandchildren, then you definitely can. It’s all about attitude and believing in yourself.

Try it for free and see what you think. You lose nothing by looking. Then if you like what you see, take the leap and invest in yourself and your future. You are worth it!


Did you enjoy this post? If so please share for others to enjoy.

If you have any questions, please ask them. Comments welcome.

New Decade a New Start

Light bulb moment

It feels like a supersized New Year, a new decade a new start, a time for big new plans and goals. A time to build the future you always wanted.

You had the Idea.

Soooo, you’ve been planning this for a while. A few months, a year, a few years? Still doing the research?

Affiliate Marketing seems to fit the bill and ticks all the right boxes. Work from home or  anywhere. Can be built into a good solid business. Can earn a living wage or much better.

You’ve been looking at blogs, come across many get rich schemes and systems ‘guaranteed’ to make you rich as well as ones that seem legitimate.

Black Friday was tempting, almost took the plunge but held back.

Does that sound like you?

It’s not easy is it, avoiding the sharks while seeing through the murky water they have stirred up? You want to take the plunge but also don’t want to be scammed.

Been there, done that!

Yes, I was there right where you are early 2019. I had done my homework, researched everything inside out. Seen all the videos touting the laptop lifestyle with views of palm trees on a beach or the fancy house with flash car.

Beach pictures can come from anywhere and apparently the house and car are often hired by the hour. Maybe not always but seems like it’s true much of the time. Next time you look at a video that done from the ‘big house’, look at the background. It looks very impersonal, no homely touches or anything remotely family like.

Plus you can never get to see what’s on offer until you pay and then its too late.

How to avoid wasting Your money

If you have good intuition, listen to it. If not, look at the clues, like those above.

Beware of any that tell you that you can earn a mega wage with 1 or 2 hour a week. That is not realistic at all. Avoid ones that say you can start earning the very next day and those that say 2 or 3 clicks to get a money making machine up and running, with earnings pouring in within hours.

Many also say:

So easy a total novice can do it.

No training.

No hours of video to watch.

Very simple.

Just copy and paste.

These and more come along with many systems purporting to lead you to earning hundreds of pounds or dollars in a day.

Yes they probably can earn you money eventually but they can be complicated to set up. With some it can take weeks to even get the log in email and days to get an answer from the support. Then you get the upsells too. You have to pay this much more to have this and so much more to use that and it goes on and on.

How to get started

If you want to build a good business that will last and continue to earn you money well into the future you need to learn how to do it properly.believe in yourself. New Decade a New Start

So choose wisely and ensure that whichever one you choose has a good training programme that covers everything you need to know.

How do you find that out?

Choose one that lets you have access before you pay anything. A legitimate programme has nothing to fear and everything to gain from you seeing whats on offer.

Once you have access you will know whether its what you want or not. Its better to look and then decide before you pay any money.

My Choice?

After many months of research, then reading blogs, researching more and watching endless videos on various ‘Systems’, I had become very disillusioned. I was convinced there weren’t any legitimate programmes out there.Its all about choice.

I gave up for a while then accidentally came across a reference to a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Hope once again reared it’s head and I went searching for more information.

Despite hearing only good things, I was sceptical. Why was this company so different? So I followed the trail right to the door. Yet I still held back convinced it wouldn’t be any good.

I discovered you could actually join for free, go in and have a look around. Second visit I actually joined, got in and looked around.

The free training alone was amazing.

Wealthy Affiliate

In the first week I realised how little I knew, despite having run an online craft business for nearly 10 years. However, I was still sceptical and looking very carefully at everything.

I was offered a month of premium for less than half price, so I took it. I wanted to check out what the Premium training was like. Would it be any good, much the same or better than what was offered at the free level?

Within a few days of starting the Premium training I knew that this was the real deal and I intended to stay until I succeeded.

My early scepticism vanished and was replaced with a determination to succeed. I knew that I had the tools now to reach my goals and it was up to me how much time and effort I put in. Success or failure was also down to me.

It was hard work, learning so much alongside my usual life and it’s many commitments was not easy. In time it does get easier as you integrate the knowledge and everything begins to fall into place.

Was it worth it?

Yes, absolutely.

I still love it after 9 months and I still have much to learn.

Many who started at the same time are further ahead, which is fine. I do not have as many hours to spare as some, due to family and other business commitments.

Plus we all learn at a different pace. It is better not to rush through but to ensure we learn it all thoroughly to build the solid foundation a lasting business needs.

wealthy affiliate membership link.

If you are looking to take that step forward to start building a business as you learn, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to do it.

Come and join me. Start this new decade the way you mean to go on, building a better future and living life the way you want to.


Upcoming Hosting Changes, March 16th, 2020

We are moving to updated hosting plans in preparation of some significant launches in May, and the introduction of a standalone Managed WordPress Brand being launched Summer 2020.

These are how the hosting updates look:

Starter Membership1 Website, Formerly 2 Websites

Premium Membership: 10 Websites Any Type (NEW), Formerly 25 Own Domains / 25 Free Websites


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