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Searching for online work – a journey.

So…….. you have been searching for work online…….

You may have heard, like I did, that there are more and more jobs online. They increase as the real world ones disappear.

Searching for online work - a journey. 1

You start out innocently, unaware of what`s out there.

What did you find? There are an awful lot of so called ‘opportunities’ out there. How do you sort the wheat from the chaff? It`s not easy.


You research, click every link that`s relevant. Put in endless searches, read blogs that compare the different platforms. On Facebook every other post has now become an advert for that dream life. Click on one once and you get more of the same and slight variations touting the get rich quick scheme with the fabulous lifestyle. Do they get bored sitting on a beach all day, every day.

You watch the endless free videos! They say… You can earn mega money working online for 2 -3 hours a week. Some say

1-2 hours is all it takes and they sound very plausible.Searching for online work - a journey. 2


There they are, on  a beach in Bali/Hawaii (those are favourites) or anywhere that looks idyllic.

Searching for online work - a journey. 3

Or standing in front of a big house beside an expensive sports car……… Sound familiar? Yep, me too. Seen quite a few of those.

They paint a picture of a wonderful life in far flung places, with or without families. Sitting on a beach, blue sky, a few fluffy tiny white clouds drifting, a beautiful view that shows where they are.

Searching for online work - a journey. 4

Doesn`t that look and sound divine? Something to aspire to? All yours for so little effort, the picture with the laptop, sitting under a palm tree or parasol, a fabulous lifestyle. Yours , apparently, for the minimal effort of a couple of hours a week to attain and keep the lifestyle going.

Is it Real?

I thought it looked good, half  believed it, really wanted to believe it. It just didn’t quite ring true somehow. Especially the part about the hours required, I was prepared to work hard to achieve success. The trouble was, nothing more was offered to help you without paying out a small fortune. No glimpse of what was on offer for you to evaluate first. Could this be because there wasn’t any substance to it? I really didn’t know except there were alarm bells ringing in my head saying no!

It was a lesson in human behavior, my own and those offering their ‘system’.

Have you found anything interesting out there?

Have you wasted hours and lots of cash to follow the dream? Let me know, I would love to hear from you.

If you want to have a look and see where I ended up check this out.  Searching for online work - a journey. 5

It costs nothing to look and evaluate.




You can even learn to build a wordpress website, like I did, with the free training.

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