There are No Limits

There are NO Limits

There are no limits on reaching success only those in your own mind. This is sometimes referred to as the Glass Ceiling. But what creates that glass ceiling in our minds, preventing success, limiting us? What is the glass ceiling? From Wikipedia A glass ceilingĀ is a metaphor used to represent an invisible barrier that keeps … Read more

What is Freedom to You

freedom sign

Most people dream of freedom. But freedom means different things to different people. Like not living in fear and having enough money to buy food. Even being able to make simple choices every day can be an important freedom. What is freedom to you? Below are a few of the main ones people often think … Read more

So you want to start a business

business start up

But do you really want to start a business? You dream of arranging your hours to suit you. To have time for family and friends, hobbies etc. You probably saw yourself, getting up, doing a bit of work, then swanning off out for the day to have fun or maybe go shopping or a day … Read more

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