What is Freedom to You

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Most people dream of freedom. But freedom means different things to different people. Like not living in fear and having enough money to buy food. Even being able to make simple choices every day can be an important freedom. What is freedom to you? Below are a few of the main ones people often think of first. Freedom from Bosses Some bosses are great and some are awful, with many …

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So you want to start a business

business start up

But do you really want to start a business? You dream of arranging your hours to suit you. To have time for family and friends, hobbies etc. You probably saw yourself, getting up, doing a bit of work, then swanning off out for the day to have fun or maybe go shopping or a day at the beach relaxing. Or maybe having more time to go to the gym or …

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What do you Fear

What do you Fear?

What holds you back from living your best life, what do you fear most? These are the ten most common. Is yours here? Arachnophobia  [The fear of spiders.] Ophidiophobia  [The fear of snakes.] Acrophobia   [The fear of heights.] Agoraphobia  [ The fear of open or crowded spaces.] Cynophobia   [The fear of dogs.] Astraphobia   [The fear of thunder and lightning.] Claustrophobia   [The fear of small spaces.] Mysophobia   [The fear of germs.] …

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What Inspires You


In your daily life what inspires you? Are you inspired by anything? Does money inspire you or people that make a lot of money? Are you inspired by those that help others? Or maybe it’s the idea of Freedom that inspires your dreams. Read more HERE! Or those who have a disability and do great things despite others expectations being low. Is it the unknown ordinary person who quietly battles …

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Why do training

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What is training? Definition from Wikipedia: Training is teaching, or developing in oneself or others, any skills and knowledge or fitness that relate to specific useful competencies. Training has specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, productivity and performance. So why do training? Because I know from my own experience that having the right knowledge at your fingertips can make  such a lot of difference. If I had access to this sort of training when I started selling online 10 years ago …

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