Danger of scams to look out for

corona virus pandemic

So we have a Pandemic, a corona virus, COVID-19.

So this would be a time for everyone to pull together, obey government directives aimed at keeping us safe and help those that need it most.

RIGHT?covid-19 Danger of scams to look out for

Well you would think so but apparently  not for everyone. Otherwise I wouldn’t be trying to get this message out about the danger of scams to look out for, in such a hurry.

Most countries are in lockdown situations, which means non essential businesses have closed. People are ordered to stay home and isolate themselves as much as is humanly possible. But on their own many become more fearful, reading fake and real news, not knowing the difference.

What we need to do is realise that yes the situation is serious and that we need to follow govt advice to keep ourselves and others safe.

The important thing to remember is that life goes on and nothing lasts forever. 


So we have a worldwide pandemic and what happens?

All the bottom feeders appear, the low lifes, whatever you want to call them. Under the guise of helping they scam unsuspecting people at a time when we should all be helping each other.

These are the scams to look out for.

From the official BBC News website. Read the full article HERE!

  • Councils are warning people to beware of scammers pretending to be health officials or offering to pick up food and medicines.
  • Fraudsters are also selling counterfeit face masks and hand sanitisers, says the LGA, which speaks for councils in England and Wales.
  • Hand sanitiser containing an ingredient banned for human use six years ago has been seized in Birmingham.
  • The LGA is advising people not to accept help from cold-callers.
  • This means being suspicious of anyone who offers help, either online or in person, the Local Government Association warned, after councils in Rochdale and south London received reports of attempted scams.
  • Action Fraud, which receives reports of fraudulent activity, says victims of online scams have lost £960,000 in 105 coronavirus-linked cases since the beginning of February.
  • The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau says it has recorded 200 cases of fraudulent emails being sent, which include scammers who:
    • pretend to be from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or World Health Organization, asking recipients to click a link to report active infections in their area
    • offer links to a fake daily newsletter for Covid-19 updates
    • offer fake insurance schemes and trading advice
    • pretend to be from the government, offering tax refunds

From the Which magazine website: Read the full article HERE. 

This article is definitely worth a read along with the pages from the other links. Knowledge is power and knowing what could come your way will make it easier to spot.

Learn to distinguish which is fake and which is real.

Save yourself a lot of heartache and problems.scams

  1. Always check the name of the website, is it correct or is there an extra dot or line in the name? There is usually something that shows its fake.
  2. Does the web address contain the name of a product? Official websites never have products in the name.
  3. Take careful note of the the logo. Webshops with only “Shopping” – “Online” – “Brand” are created hundreds and thousands at a time.
  4. Be extra careful with designer clothes and brand shoes. High discounts and everything in stock.
  5. Pay careful attention to sentences that don’t seem right and look for errors in the language.
  6. A fake webshop/website has no contact information and rarely has an About page. If it does have a phone number, call it to see if it’s a working number. Send an email to the mail address, with fake addresses you will get an undelivered message from your provider.
  7. You can usually only pay with a credit card.
  8. Trustmarks, like so many things, are forged on a large scale. Always double check to see if they are correct.

How to check for the Truth?

How and where to check. This is important for so much of the information circulating on social media is wrong. If you want the latest true facts about COVID-19, these are worth checking out and sharing.

Snopes is the original fact-checking website: if it’s not true, then Snopes has probably written it up. Other fact-checking websites are also worth checking regularly: Full Fact is a British website that can be trusted, while Channel 4 News has its own FactCheck website.

Check that your website, if you have one, is secure and that your hosting side has good security. I am on Wealthy Affiliate platform. Read HERE for what it offers. The offer has gone but the site information is up to date


So what have we learned? Hopefully enough to make you think before opening emails and clicking on links.

Sometimes though we are in a rush and don’t think about it. What then? As long as you don’t click the links, you will be fine.

Try to make it second nature when opening emails. The more you practice, the better you will get.

It’s a very sad world when the first thing some people think of is how to scam others out of anything they can.

So stay alert, always be wary but overall remember that there are more good people out there than bad.


Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I hope you found it helpful. Please share so others can be made aware.

Comments and questions welcome.


Learn about Affiliate Marketing


The easy and basic version for those who are only just discovering and want to learn about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

It’s a way of earning money online.

It works as a business, you apply to companies that appeal to you or have products in your chosen niche. You then become affiliated with the company if they accept you and then you promote their products for them.

They will supply you with advertising material such as banners and make links available to you, with your special code, so that each company knows who the traffic or sales come from.

When someone clicks on a link to a product and then buys, whether it’s digital or an actual physical product, the affiliate can earn a small commission from the sale.

It sounds simple and that is the basic premise but it takes hard work getting to that point. There are many online who say it’s easy, you can earn thousands a week while only working 2 hours per week. That is not realistic at all.

The reality is lots of training and many hours of hard work. If followed correctly the training works very well but it won’t happen overnight. Many try it for a month or two and give up saying it doesn’t work, having done very little of the training or put in much time. If you want to earn well, then you need to put in the time and  effort.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for affiliate marketing. You can join at no cost, have a look round, try out the basic training and see what you think. wealthy affiliate Learn about Affiliate Marketing

There is no pressure to become a paying member. Though if you join within the first 7 days you get the first month at half price. If you decide to stay on you can pay monthly or yearly. Yearly  means you save quite a bit, so if you can do that it’s much more economical, but of course it depends on individual circumstances and how you feel about what there is on offer.

When I joined I was highly sceptical but the quality of the free training won me over, along with the welcoming community. Once I went to Premium and  saw what training was on offer for paid members, how much there was available and how comprehensive it is, I was hooked.

Building a website or starting one with the free training was exciting and then continuing on was even better. I couldn’t believe my luck and knew there and then I was staying.

What do you learn?

You learn how to build a wordpress website.

First of all though you have to decide what your website will be about.  You select a topic and narrow it down in to a niche which is a smaller more select area of the overall topic.

With that decided, next comes a name for your website.

I always avoided WordPress as it looked so complicated, so went for easier options. With the right training however, that is done step by step, even I could manage it. Being able to stop  and start the video to complete each piece was brilliant. Some parts I found easy but other sections I had to go over a few times until the penny dropped.

The sense of accomplishment was amazing.

Additions to your site

You learn about the best themes to use, to get your site looking the way you want it. Though you first start with a more limited selection on the free starter membership, still quite a few though, to choose from. At this stage you tend to use the first one that appeals, which is fine at this stage as you are just keen to have a website.

There are Plug ins that come with your website, basic ones essential to the running of it.plug ins

Not real world plugs of course, plug ins that go right inside your website that help with the running of it.

There are an amazing amount of plug ins that will do various things for your website. Often you will see people recommending various ones but experience has taught me to check my stats before and after.

There is training on how to create content (blog posts) for your site, again, step by step the best way to set it out and how to add pictures and videos.

There is also a section of the Wealthy Affiliate site that has lists of companies wanting affiliate marketers, so you don’t even have to do that yourself unless you want to.

I also realised that it doesn’t stop at affiliate marketing any of your sites can be used for any business that you want to run.

You have an amazing site you have created and can sell things you create, buy items to sell, or be an affiliate marketer. Or you can incorporate all 3, its entirely up to you. The only limits you have are those you impose on yourself.

How does it help me?

You can run any business you choose and you will have the help you need.dream big

You have an amazing site you have created and can sell things you create, buy items to sell, do coaching or be an affiliate marketer or anything else you fancy doing.

The only limits you have are those you impose on yourself.

There is training on just about any business related subject you can think of . Not only official training but also many from long term members who find a better way of doing something or a different way that’s easier.

I am pretty sure that most things you want to know about will have at least one training available, if not more.

The Benefits.

From 16th March there are changes to the amount of websites offered.

  • 1 website with the free membership and 10 websites with the Premium membership.
  • It used to be 2 websites with the free starter membership and 50 websites with the Premium membership.

You get great website hosting along with  top notch Security to keep it safe.

Website Speed that is fabulous in this fast paced world where everything has to be instant. It gives a better user experience for your site visitors.

Reliability. A platform that is reliable, where the owners are accessible and despite being so successful are still ready to help should you have a problem.

Support. The site support is brilliant. The response is very fast and any problems solved quickly, occasionally the impossible takes longer but still gets solved.

The free starter membership with training to get you started along with a website. Well 2 at the minute, until 16th March.

Did I mention the amazing community that have helped me and others countless times? They are the human side of Wealthy Affiliate, along with the owners Kyle and Carson. They too are very accessible, giving help and advice to everyone. Plus they keep updating the platform and are  constantly making improvements


Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn all you need to know about starting a business, whether it’s affiliate marketing or a different type of business.Wealthy Affiliate banner

All the tools are there in one place to help you succeed. Then as backup you have an amazing community who will cheer you on with successes, commiserate with the mistakes and lift you up if you feel down.

And every day you will see blog posts on the site that inspire you. They also teach you and spark ideas for your site and for new blog posts.

They also encourage everyone to sign up for the free membership first, there are very few platforms that do that. Wealthy affiliate do it because they have nothing to hide. There aren’t any upsells. If you decide to go premium, which is your choice, that is what you will pay, your membership only.

You can buy domain names through Wealthy Affiliate but you can buy them elsewhere if you prefer and migrate them in, the same if you already own a domain name.

So overall there are many benefits to coming to Wealthy Affiliate and giving us a try. Check it out for free and see what you think. All you will have lost is a bit of time.

What you could gain, is a better future. So why not come and join us today? CLICK HERE!

Joining via my link on this page will ensure you get my assistance when needed, the benefit of my knowledge thus far and 2 ebooks to help you on your affiliate journey.

Did you enjoy this blog post? If so please share.

Thank you for visiting. Comments and questions welcome.

BIG changes at Wealthy Affiliate

Time for change

It is exciting to hear about a platform you are part of that continue’s to think about it’s members in the way Wealthy Affiliate does. They don’t rest on their laurels, they continue to improve every aspect, especially Security, Speed, Reliability and Support.

As this incredible platform continues to improve and grow every aspect of the service offered, there are, inevitably, changes. This time there are big changes at Wealthy Affiliate.

Price changes?


The price remains the same competitive price. Actually more than competitive it is amazing considering what we get for that one price per month, which is cheaper still, if paid yearly.handful of notes BIG changes at Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle, one of the site owners, blogged about the changes, see the full article HERE!

  • I just want to offer you some perspective on the value of the hosting you are getting here at WA. Our hosting is a leader in terms of speed, security, reliability and power in the WordPress industry. Just for some insight, here are the price points of the hosting companies that we view as “similar” in terms of quality in the industry.
  • Pagely (5 Websites) = $199 per month
  • WPEngine (10 Websites) = $115 per month
  • Kinsta (10 Websites) = $200 per month
  • Wealthy Affiliate (10 Websites) = $49 per month! (included with Premium)
  • Again, our hosting network is included with your Premium membership. It is all-inclusive, no up sells, not extra up sells, no costs for additional caching plugins, email, SSL, or any “add on” that other hosting companies are charging.

I can back that up with my experience, there were never any upsells at all. Just the one exceptional price for everything.

What are the changes?Questions

From Kyle’s blog again: Read the entire blog HERE!

  • These are how the hosting updates look:
  • Starter Membership1 Website, Formerly 2 Websites
  • Premium Membership: 10 Websites Any Type (NEW), Formerly 25 Own Domains / 25 Free Websites.

That’s a big drop…. but most people never have that many websites anyway, 50 is a massive amount to keep up with. Plus you need to regularly update and add content. Just a few websites is hard work, making changes, updating and adding content.


How will it affect me?

If you are already a Premium member, it won’t affect you at all. You will still get the same benefits and amount of websites you always have. It’s like the Black Friday bargain Price for yearly membership, once done it is grandfathered in, benefits and price, for the entire time you are a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have been thinking about joining to give Wealthy Affiliate a try it will make a difference in the amount of websites you will have to use. If you are only thinking of using 2 or 3, it doesn’t matter.

If you have big plans to create a variety of websites, then this will affect you.

When are the changes starting?Neon sign with Change on it.

The good news is that you have 12 days.

You still have time to join for free, try out the training and building a website and then if you like what you see, to take the leap into Premium membership. Then you will still have the same amount of websites that are offered up to the

16th March 2020

This is the Day of Change.

What now?

If you have been considering starting your own online business and you want top notch training, great web hosting that’s secure and reliable, fantastic site support and a brilliant community to support you too, then it’s a no brainer!

Clearly in this case, Wealthy Affiliate is the site for you.

        Original.                                                                       Changes from 16th March.

BIG changes at Wealthy Affiliate 1

BIG changes at Wealthy Affiliate 2



Is it easy?

Not at first, but it does get easier as your knowledge increases. You also have a great community willing to help you. If you are stuck or unsure of something just ask a question day or night and you will get answers.

How soon will I earn money?

That depends on you. How much time you you are prepared to give to it and how much work you are prepared to do. I would say a minimum of 6 months, if you are working on it full time. Even then it may be longer, than that.

Why does it take so long?

Because you are building a foundation for a business that will last and continue to grow far into the future.

What about overnight success schemes I have seen?

The only ones who get rich there are the owners. They sometimes offer a low start rate and then you get endless upsells. They convince you that each one will start the money rolling in but sadly all that happens is you lose money.

How do you know?

On my journey to Wealthy Affiliate, I saw many such schemes and plans. I did research on each one and became very disillusioned by what I saw, by the amount of people that lost thousands to unscrupulous people. By the time I reached Wealthy Affiliate I was very wary and researched it a lot.

This is why they offer a free starter membership so you can see and try it out. I didn’t find any other one that did this.

ConclusionFree starter Membership to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have been looking at Wealthy Affiliate and think this is the site for you it might be worth your while to sign up now before the new changes take effect on 16th March.

If you are wary, like I was, take the free starter membership and see what it’s like. If you are serious about creating a business online and prepared to work hard you will know quite quickly, like I did, that this is what you want.

I knew within days. I signed up to the Premium for a month to see if it was any good, better, worse, the same.

I was delighted with the free training but the Premium training was amazing. Again within a few days I knew I was going to stay and at the end of the month signed up for a year as it worked out so much more economical.

Give it a try! What have you got to lose? A bit of time, that’s all.


If you enjoyed this blog post please share.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading this post. Questions and comments welcome.


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