Wealthy Affiliate 6 Month Review

number 6 for 6 months at wealthy affiliate

6 Months!

I cannot believe I have already been a part of Wealthy Affiliate for 6 months.

This article is my Wealthy Affiliate 6 month review.

They say time flies when you are having fun and/or are insanely busy. I am here to tell you that is true. I feel as though I have blinked and missed most of the last 6 months. It’s crazy!

Am I still enjoying it? A resounding YES!

Do I still love learning as much? Yet again a resounding YES!

How far have I Got?

I have 5 websites on Wealthy Affiliate so far. One has nothing much on it yet but the others are up and running. Some have more posts than others and this site has the most posts.

Advice is to focus on 1 site but I like to make things harder for myself. Not really…… well maybe a bit.

But I had an idea for a site, thought I had bought the domain, checked weeks later, discovered I didn’t buy it and it was gone. I was really annoyed with myself. So now when an idea pops up, I set up the site and buy the domain straight away.

It’s a juggling act, not easy but I’m not too worried about the secondary sites, doesn’t matter if they are slower to build up.

In a way though it’s good as the setting up of each site is easier and faster as I get more used to it, helps me retain that knowledge too.

The more you use the knowledge and practice it the better it stays.

Is it just blogging?

Blogging is a major part of it. Once the site is up an running wooden tiles showing the word blog. Wealthy Affiliate 6 Month Reviewyou need to have content (blog posts) on there for people to read. You have to add new posts regularly otherwise people won’t come back as much. You need regular traffic to your site to get ranked in Google.

To get regular traffic you learn about keywords, I am really getting the hang of those now.

Next comes SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.
  • In other words, SEO involves making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine. … SEO is the process that organizations go through to help make sure that their site ranks high in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases.*

Affiliate Marketing.

Then of course, there are all the affiliate marketing programmes.

I honestly thought it would just be big well known company’s that wanted affiliate marketers and we would be struggling to get on board with a  couple of them.

The reality? There are literally thousands and thousands of them, I was stunned. Now it was no longer a case of fighting to get on board with one or two, it was a case of selecting companies and applying.

There is of course training on how to do that too.

You can access a whole section on the WA site that lists companies wanting affiliate marketers. There are also companies in the list that have thousands of companies under one overall umbrella company.

If I hadn’t known before that this was the way of the future I certainly do now. The possibilities are endless.

Social Media.

mobile phone showing social media buttons

You also learn about social media.

I already had social media sites set up and well established so this wasn’t as big a learning curve as I thought. There was however, plenty, that will help improve my social media even more.

How to set up a business account on the main social media sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Linked In. How to gain followers, the best way of interacting etc.

Most of all how you can use it for advertising. You want to be able to use social media to advertise your blog posts and anything else you want. This is of course free advertising.

Each of those platforms has paid advertising too and there is training for that too.

There is a joke that springs to mind where whatever the question someone says: There’s an app for that. On Wealthy Affiliate it’s always: There’s a training for that.



There is always more training. When people on the site learn something new, they share it as a training session to help others.First Training modules

I’m not sure if there is any subject related to online working, starting a business, affiliate marketing and any other even vaguely related topics that aren’t also covered.

The training is very important. It takes you through all the steps needed to create a successful online business.  How quickly you go through it is up to you.

Some get partway through and don’t finish the training, only to return to it months or even a year later. They thought they could take a short cut but they have just lengthened the time it takes to reach their goals.

Stick with the training, go through it at least once and don’t get distracted by all the other training available like I did.

I love to learn so was very much like a kid in a sweet shop, I wanted to try and have everything…. right NOW. It delayed my progress a bit but I learnt things I didn’t know too.

But that’s the reason I haven’t yet quite finished all my training. I am close but not quite there.


Best thing I ever did.

Have I had doubts or wanted to give up? YES! I am of course human and would get tired and frustrated over something that was usually quite simple, often caused by me.

picture of 2 people on different levels cutting in to rock, with one giving up just before he reaches success.

I won’t give up though, otherwise all the time and effort I have put in would be wasted.

I am finding it much easier now. Post subjects come to me more easily, the writing flows more easily too. New knowledge sinks in and takes hold much easier now.

When you learn new things your brain creates new neural networks. It used to be thought that they began to die out as we get older but apparently it has been discovered that we can continue to create new neural pathways into our 90’s. That’s why as I go further along this path I am finding it all so much easier.

Would YOU like to give Wealthy Affiliate a try? Want to know what it’s really going to be like? If  YES, then read this blog first.

Action Required to build a website!

This blog sets out the reality, points out how hard it can be, especially if you are working too. Have a quick read before you jump in feet first.

Learn to earn online
Learn to earn online


If you are still determined after reading that then come and join me.


Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a business, the pathway to freedom from bosses and the humdrum of 9-5.


First the chance to try it for free. Have a look at the training, try it out, build a website and see how you feel about it. To reach success takes commitment, dedication and perseverance.


Taking the first step is the hardest.


Upcoming Hosting Changes, March 16th, 2020

We are moving to updated hosting plans in preparation of some significant launches in May, and the introduction of a standalone Managed WordPress Brand being launched Summer 2020.

These are how the hosting updates look:

Starter Membership1 Website, Formerly 2 Websites

Premium Membership: 10 Websites Any Type (NEW), Formerly 25 Own Domains / 25 Free Websites


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If you have any questions or comments would love to hear them.

Thank you for visiting, please come back soon.

Action Required to build a website

Time for Action

Ready for Action?

So you have thought endlessly about working from home. The freedom, no commute, working when it suits you, able to go places because your work can go too. BUT you need to start somewhere, researching continually does NOT get that business started. Get moving with the action required to build a website and make that start.

You have been looking at options for months or maybe a year or more. Perhaps you have been caught out by a scam that has made you wary, even more than one.

You have handed over your hard earned cash and got nothing in return!

Sound familiar? Some or all?

You are not alone. Many who now work online successfully were caught out in the same way. It’s a steep learning curve.

Action Required to build a website

Yes, we want to believe those videos of mansions and fast cars, laptops on the beach!

But really ….. a laptop on the beach? Sunlight and a screen for starters ….. and most of all why would you want to? A beautiful day to be enjoyed, that sparkling water…. Surely time off in such a place is the lifestyle you want.

Anyway…. it does it’s job of reeling us in. Then comes the hard sell. YOU can start earning overnight/within days/less than a week. And all this in just a few hours a week! Having already been seduced by those lifestyle scenes you desperately want to believe it. Who wouldn’t, we are all human after all.  Then if you are wavering at the extortionate cost, they show you supposed screen shots of their daily/weekly earnings.

WOW! The cost would be covered in no time!

BUT WAIT! If they have made and are still making so much money, why do they want to part you from your hard earned cash?

Does it make you wonder once you take a step back?

The Alternative and Reality.

This doesn’t sound quite so attractive.

1. It will take hard work. A lot of hard work. You will hit obstacles that seem insurmountable. You will have to learn SEO, social media and a ton more.

2. You have to invest your time. The more time you invest the faster you will succeed.

3. You need to follow the training. There is a lot of training available and its tempting to just do the basics and jump right in to trying to earn. You then end up going back and starting the training all over again.

4. There is no shortcut.  No shortcuts to learning, you need to do it step by step to build a solid foundation for your business.

5. It can take months, even a year before you see any return. There are some who start earning a little within a few months but it all depends on time invested and the willingness to knuckle down and work hard.

The good part!

1. You learn how to get your website up and running fast. Every obstacle has a solution, provided either by the training or the community.

2. Yes you have to invest time but you are investing in your future. Not easy if you are working a full time job, have a home to run and a family to care for. But the more time invested in the early stages the faster you will start seeing a return.

3. The training is excellent and very comprehensive. I have worked online for 10 years and this made me realise how little I really know.  It’s in video format as well as written instructions.

4. There is no shortcut and some will learn more easily and faster than others. It is not a race. We all go at our own pace of learning and within the time we have around other commitments.

5. Yes it can take months, a year or longer. But you are building a long term business and the foundations for anything that lasts needs to be rock solid.

Still here?

Seems like you have courage and persistence, though I call it stubbornness. It kept me plugging away because I won’t be beaten or give up. That’s also called dedication.

Action Required to build a website 1


The courage is in staying focused even when family and friends tell you its a waste of time. That you’ll never make any money because there is too much competition.


This is what you tell them:

  • There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018. There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year.30 Jan 2019.*

The persistence/stubbornness is what keeps you going when something changes a lot of things on your site and you can’t recall the last tweaks you made. I am a constant fiddler, tweaking this and that, trying to make it look better. It’s only later looking at it from the front that you realise or ask for site comments, as I did, and the comments are suggesting things I already have.  Or did have before the ‘improvements’.

Dedication is something you need in spades. It keeps you going when a tired little voice says, have a rest, watch TV, stay in bed, sleep longer, go to bed earlier. It gets you out of bed to get started on that new post, do some research, do your business social media etc, before the day starts.. Also keeps you up later for the same reasons.

Not Put Off YET?

Then how about a bit of fun? How about you have a go at building a website, not just any website but a wordpress website.

I looked at WordPress websites over the years but when with an easier option, thinking it was much too complicate for me to do. The sense of achievement when I built my first one was amazing and each one I built after that added to my knowledge.

Of course creating the site and adding the basics isn’t all its about. There is more to add.

This is more to show that it is a quick and easy process to get started. The way you personalise your site is then up to you and the training is there to help you with all that.

Click on the picture and have a look.

How to build a basic wordpress website in a few minutes. A step by step turorial.
Learn to earn for your future.

What did you think? Did you try it? Did you sign up for the free start to give it a go.

Do you WANT to give it a try?

It gives you the chance to look about and see the training that’s offered for free. I have to admit, it had me hooked. At that point I was still wary having seen so many get rich quick schemes, sign here and work 2 hours a week systems that had no substance.

In the first week you are offered the chance to try the Premium training for the first month at half price, if you sign up to it within the first 7 days.

Sign up for the free starter membership. Learn to earn online.
Learn to earn to build a better future.

I decided to do that just to see what was on offer. Best thing I ever did. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do. I would not only learn how to build and run a website, change and and make it mine, I would learn affiliate marketing too. From there I could build any other sustainable business I choose.

All the tools are there, the amazing community is there to help and all you have to do is follow the training, put in the hours and hard work to build your business. In that respect its the same as any other business you have to work to get it off the ground.

  • Upcoming Hosting Changes from March 16th, 2020

  • We are moving to updated hosting plans in preparation of some significant launches in May, and the introduction of a standalone Managed WordPress Brand being launched Summer 2020.
  • These are how the hosting updates look:
  • Starter Membership1 Website, Formerly 2 Websites
  • Premium Membership: 10 Websites Any Type (NEW), Formerly 25 Own Domains / 25 Free Websites

New changes made and more underway, READ HERE!!

Word of warning!

It’s not for everyone. Not everyone is prepared to work that hard towards their future, they want it all now.

Do people fail? Of course. The minute they give up they have failed and all the previous hard work was for nothing. Not surprisingly many of those return months or years later ready to give it another try. Usually regretting the wasted time when their business could have already have rescued them from the 9-5 routine.


More and more people are working online, either freelancing, working for themselves or for someone else, ie: a company. Many companies allow and even encourage their employees to work from home. It means less office space required and desk sharing becomes the norm, it all saves on costs.

As more work moves from the real world to online, the opportunities grow. It’s a good time to be making the move with internet users increasing exponentially.

The nay sayers say it’s overcrowded,  everyone is fighting for the custom but you only have to Google the figures to know the truth. Something you should do anyway, by the way. Don’t take my word or anyone’s word as gospel, check for yourself, it’s always the best way.

Ultimately I believe this is a growing market for the entrepreneur.


What do you think?

Thank you for visiting. Comments and questions welcome.

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