What do you Fear

What do you Fear?

What holds you back from living your best life, what do you fear most?

These are the ten most common. Is yours here?

  1. Arachnophobia  [The fear of spiders.]
  2. Ophidiophobia  [The fear of snakes.]
  3. Acrophobia   [The fear of heights.]
  4. Agoraphobia  [ The fear of open or crowded spaces.]
  5. Cynophobia   [The fear of dogs.]
  6. Astraphobia   [The fear of thunder and lightning.]
  7. Claustrophobia   [The fear of small spaces.]
  8. Mysophobia   [The fear of germs.]
  9. Aerophobia   [The fear of flying.]
  10. Trypophobia   [The fear of holes.]

There are of course many more fears and they can produce very real symptoms in the body. 

I was  terrified of spiders but I managed to overcome that, though I still don’t like them, the sight of them doesn’t paralyse me with fear anymore.

However, heights does. I don’t even need to be aware I am high up. I know because my knees turn to jelly, I feel nauseated and cannot move forward, however much I try. It has happened often.

Sound familiar? Are you affected physically by your fears?

Do you have a more unusual fear?

Are you afraid to tell people what you fear?

Some of the more unusual fears.                                                                                    Hiding the face

  1. Alektorophobia  [The fear of chickens]
  2. Metrophobia  [The fear of poetry or rhyming verse]
  3. Ephebiphobia  [The fear of youths]
  4. Ergasiophobia  [The fear of work]
  5. Optophobia. [The fear of opening one’s eyes]
  6. Neophobia  [The fear of newness]
  7. Anthophobia  [The fear of flowers]
  8. Pteronophobia  [The fear of being tickled by feathers]
  9. Vestiphobia  [The fear of clothing]
  10. Phronemophobia  [The fear of thinking]


What can you do about it?

For some, professional help is the best way to go, or there are things you can try yourself.

Take some time out. Try to distract yourself if possible or remove yourself from the situation.

Breathe. Learn some calming breathing techniques, focusing on your breathe can help the fear recede.

Don’t use alcohol or drugs as this can make it worse.

Walk outside in nature, it can have a very calming affect.

Try meditation as a calming technique.

These are just a few of the many remedies you can try yourself, if only to ease the anxiety and symptoms at the time.

A hidden Fear!hiding beneath cushions

This is one that can stop us succeeding and at times hold us back in life.

Have you ever been so afraid of failing at something that you decided not to try it at all? Or has a fear of failure meant that, subconsciously, you undermined your own efforts to avoid the possibility of a larger failure?

The fear of Failure.

[Also known as Atychiphobia.]

Have you looked at activities and thought you would like to have a go at that but something always holds you back? 

Wanted to run your own business but there was always a reason not to? The wrong time, not enough money, not enough time and its always put off until later.

Or you take the plunge but somehow it always goes wrong. You start off well, it begins to take off but somehow it falls flat. You could well be sabotaging yourself without realising it. 

This can stem from childhood. Traumatic events can be a cause, even if you cannot remember it. Being undermined, criticised and/or humiliated when you tried to do something, by the adults around you, parents, teachers, other family members, adults in authority over you in any way and even other children. 

These type of events can cause Limiting beliefs that are held within the subconscious.  You tell yourself you aren’t good enough to achieve a promotion, be successful at anything and gradually you stop trying, believing that inner voice. 

You can end up with low self esteem and lack of confidence in yourself and the decisions you make. 

Talk about how you feel and you will find you are not alone.

What can you do about it?

Think about whether it does affect you first. Does any of this sound familiar? Sometimes just reading something like this can make you realise that it’s possible. 

If it does it’s easier to overcome once it’s out in the open. It can bring a sense of relief. 

The best part is, instead of the fear of failure holding you back you can look at in a different way.

Look at various well known people, read  up on them. Many were told they wouldn’t amount to anything. Were told they didn’t have what it takes. Dropped out of school, etc. Then look at where they are today. Highly successful and at the top of their field. Look up Michael Jordan and Richard Branson, one was told he didn’t have what it takes and the other dropped out of school.What do you Fear 1

If you can understand that failure is a lesson learnt, not something that means give up, you will be over the first hurdle.

There are many hurdles on the way to success, some you will fly over,

others you will stumble on and occasionally fall.

What defines you is the way you deal with those hurdles. To succeed, you must get up, dust yourself down and having learnt from the experience, carry on.

You haven’t lost the race, unless you give up.


Some fears take longer than others to deal with and some need more help to deal with them.

The hidden fear that stops us moving forward can be dealt with once you understand it’s there and why you hold back. It is possible to change the way you think, to erase limiting beliefs that hold you back through no fault of your own.

There can also be limiting beliefs that hold you back, formed through childhood onwards, that show as fears.

There are many books available and many Youtube videos on the subject that can and will help. You need to find those that resonate with you. Others can recommend but if they aren’t a fit for you. then they aren’t the right ones. I’ve tried to read books others have recommended and raved about, that have left me cold and wondering why I can’t see what they did.

The truth is, we are all different and what helps one person won’t necessarily be as good for another. So each person must seek and find their own truth.

Wealthy Affiliate Free starter membership.


Then when you are ready to start that business, sure that you are ready to work hard and succeed, come back and have a look at what I do at Wealthy Affiliate.

There will be a link for you to have a look, join up for free training and see if it’s the sort of thing you fancy doing as a business. I love it.

I learnt so much on the free part, that I joined as a Premium member.

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What Inspires You


In your daily life what inspires you? Are you inspired by anything?Person on a hill top What Inspires You

Does money inspire you or people that make a lot of money?

Are you inspired by those that help others?

Or maybe it’s the idea of Freedom that inspires your dreams. Read more HERE!

What Inspires You 2Or those who have a disability and do great things despite others expectations being low.

Is it the unknown ordinary person who quietly battles away each and every day and still manages to help others?

Or is it nature?

The grandeur, the beauty, the stillness, the sheer awe inspiring magnificence that is all around us, that most people never even notice.

The flower that struggles to survive, coming through a crack in the pavement.

Do you pay attention to what’s around you on a daily basis?

Maybe like most people you are caught up in the daily treadmill of work, home, sleep, repeat.

It can be so easy to get caught up in the daily existence and lose sight of the dreams and aspirations we once had. The desire for something that excites you, a job you enjoy rather than just getting through each day.

The dream never really dies though, it stays there in the back of the mind, dusted off occasionally after a particularly bad or tough day. Each time you think, ‘One day’.

What is your dream?
What Inspires You 3

For so many people that dream is working from home, whether for themselves or someone else.

It takes courage to take that big step towards freedom and your dream. To feel the harmony in your life that comes from taking those steps.

They feel that it must give a greater freedom. It does but ……….  it’s also hard to motivate yourself at times.

Other people see you as available.

You have to be very disciplined. There is no ” I’m tired and can’t be bothered’.

On the plus side you can move your hours around to suit yourself.

Work from your bed or the garden.

Be out in the day or spending more time with your family, enjoying life and work in the evenings.

What will you do?

Will you follow that dream, the dream that sets you free? The freedom to enjoy life and still earn a decent income, that gives you the chance to pursue other things you really want to do. Or having come this far, will you sigh and go back to the life you are living. wishing you could give it a try?

The solution!!

You could give affiliate marketing a try!

Want to read more about Affiliate Marketing? Go HERE! 

It’s not for everyone. It takes time and training, you have to put in a lot of effort at first. What Inspires You 4

You get Free training to build a website and what to do with it. 10 lessons completely free, plenty of interaction there to decide whether this is for you.

If you like what you see and want to know more, then you could try the Premium for a month.

A word of warning here though: It’s at this point that most people get hooked. They see what’s on offer and that burning desire to succeed takes over. Mainly because you realise that with training like this, it is possible.

This platform has a very comprehensive training programme that covers everything that you are likely to need to know. If that wasn’t enough people are constantly adding their own training too. The community is amazing and very helpful, quick to answer questions, offering assistance and giving a very warm welcome.

Whether you know absolutely nothing, a little or a lot, this training can take you to the next step and the next ones after, onwards to success.

What have you got to lose by having a look at the free training. If you decide against it, you will already know how to get a wordpress site up and running and more.

The conclusion!What Inspires You 5

Your future is in your hands. It always was and always will be. The choices you make day by day determine your future.

If you want to add to your income, this can be the way.

If you just want to give it a try, no strings attached, do it. No credit card required, just completely free.

If you just want a bit of free training, go for it.

The dream is in your hands, learn to earn.


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Why do training

Why do training 6

What is training?

NOUN: the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behaviour.

The business directory says:  Definition of training: Organised activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient’s performance or to help him or her attain a ….

So why do training?

Because I know from my own experience that having the right knowledge at your fingertips can make  such a lot of difference. If I had access to this sort of training when I started selling online 10 years ago it would not have been such a struggle. I had no idea what I needed to learn or the sheer quantity of knowledge I would gain.

Having lessons laid out for me would have shortened  the time it took to reach my goals. I learnt most of what I needed from people on forums suggesting things I could or should do. Then it was a battle to find out what it meant and gain the knowledge required.

When you hear the word training what do you think of?

Why do training 7I think of sports, running, rowing, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, cycling, swimming etc. Then there is all types of singing to train the voice. Playing a musical instrument …… Well you get the picture the list would just go on and on.

Why do training

Of course, what you think of first relates to your own experience and those around you.

Do you think of people doing work training? Teacher training and courses that are work related. All necessary parts of the job.

But so many of us come online and want to run a business without thinking about training. I know this because that person was me. I had no idea what it would entail.

Is there a point to training?

I had this amazing idea that I was sure was completely new and found a site to open a shop. Amazingly, considering my complete ignorance I did sell things. Luckily the site had a forum filled with people that had been selling online for years and knew things I didn’t. The more I learnt the more there was to learn. It took years to become competent at online selling when it needn’t have done.

Why do we do training for anything? 

It makes us more proficient. In sport it means we know how to train safely. 

On the internet, we learn how to navigate our way around and learn how to use it safely and securely.

So, in general training has to be a good thing. We learn how to do things the right, easiest and best way.

Where do I find out  about training?

It depends of course, on what you want to learn. The best way is, either discover the training courses in the subject you wish to learn or find reviews that compare several different ones at a time. The latter will reduce the time spent evaluating considerably.

Online, there is a wealth of knowledge on all manner of subjects. I had no idea myself that there were so many bloggers reviewing so many different things.

Offline local councils run training courses on a wide variety of subjects and often provide a booklet with them listed. Colleges do day release courses to help you gain qualifications while you learn your job.

Youtube has a vast supply of training videos on every subject.

Be wary of scams, the ones that tell you that you can earn thousands every month by only working an hour or two a week. Especially if they tell you that you can start earning within 24/48 hours.

If you can’t look at what they have to offer without signing up and paying vast sums or even smaller sums upfront, then again be wary.

I found, after many months of searching, a platform that supplies training.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the 6 month review HERE!

From 16th March 2020 that will change as many things are being updated. A starter member  will have 1 website to build and practice on and Premium members will only have 10 websites.

Why do training 8

The free training of 10 videos helps you to build up to 2 wordpress websites to get you started.

As expected the more comprehensive training will cost you a monthly or yearly fee but for that you get 50 websites, training. questions answered, help when needed Live video classes, keyword research tool and so much more as you can see by the table listing the free and premium memberships.

The table there though, doesn’t show the community. You get access to this amazing community, that helps, guides and spurs you onwards every day.

They commiserate and help when you are stuck and cheer with you at every achievement, however small.

They are truly what I think of as a community.

You lose absolutely nothing by trying it out. No credit or debit card required. Just come on board, have a look round, try out the free training and see what you think. That is literally all you need to do.

Now, if you are anything like me and serious about wanting your own online business, you will give it a try.

A word of warning though! I went from completely sceptical to maybe and then jumped in with two feet.

Took on 1 month paid to see if the rest of the training was any good and that was it! I was hooked. When that month came to an end I signed up for a year as it’s much more economical.

Learn a bit more about Affiliate Marketing HERE!


This is not for the lazy, you have to do the work to be successful. Whichever route you take, you have to do that but with training like this it won’t take several years to get that expertise.wealthy affiliate membership link.

Soooo ………. If this is what you are looking for then come and join us. Join as a free starter member and check out the site and the training. Only sign up for Premium IF you are sure it’s for you. Can’t say fairer than that!

Please, join us today!


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